Being a Travel Agent

DAY 3: Not really promising.

June 26, 2011

I went to work earlier with a gloomy mood. I usually find myself in that mood when it’s raining – but the sun’s mightily shining above us here in Dubai for the past few days so there really is no reason for me to feel gloomy. Well ok, there’s this one passenger who’s been eating my head up and trying to completely exhaust all the “fun” cells inside of me. The thing about me is, I like punishing myself. If I have done something wrong I don’t allow myself to be happy until I get to solve that mistake which I’ve committed. Well in this case, it’s not really MY mistake but I don’t know – I just can’t be happy for now until I finish everything which needs to be done for this particular passenger. Hopefully, before the weekend. šŸ™‚

I sold 50k worth of tickets earlier for a family going to the US. They paid cash. So yes, there are people who are walking around the city with 50 thousand dirhams cash in their pocket. WOW! Another passenger came upto me and wanted to book an 18-night package to Paris. He’s got the flight details (on business class) and the hotel that he wants and I came up with a total of almost 80 thousand dirhams as a package rate. He asked me to book it for him and he will come back tomorrow to purchase it. Now this kind of passenger normally doesn’t come back, but I have a different feeling with this one. Well, I do hope that he comes back tomorrow though.

Speaking of cash, I had a passenger a few weeks ago who purchased a ticket going to Tunisia from me. After I’ve issued his ticket, I told him to go to the cashier, pay for the ticket and come back to me for his ticket copy. 45 minutes later, the Dubai Mall office called telling me that my passenger is right in front of her paying for his ticket. Please bear in mind that Dubai Mall is about 20mins drive from our office. Seriously! So yes, I guess it’s my fault that I didn’t tell the passenger that the cashier is INSIDE our building and I didn’t tell him that he must pay for his ticket first before going shopping at Dubai Mall. My bad! I could have easily voided the ticket from my side so Dubai Mall agent could issue a new one from their system BUT the passenger left his passport copy with me so he’s got no choice but to come back to our office. Another 45 mins have passed, the passenger walked in our building and I, together with my colleagues, slowly stood up and slowly clapped our hands while the passenger is approaching my desk. He deserves such recognition. Really! BRAVO!!!!!

Of course we didn’t do that but it would’ve been cool if we did.

Right, off to shower. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for me.

Carpe diem! (so they say)

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