Day 3: Mamma Mia! I’m in Santorini!

After breakfast at the hotel, we went to Plaka for the last time to have our frappe.

Coffee shops in Plaka.

Then we took the train to the airport which I think lasted for about 45 minutes, yep the airport was that far from the main city itself.

Vandalized train. 🙂

Our flight wasn’t until 6pm so we had another iced coffee at the airport and ate at Mc Donald’s. I don’t know what is it in me about airports and eating burgers. I just love the idea of it. Finally, our flight was boarding and I couldn’t hold my excitement any longer and was smiling from ear to ear. The flight from Athens to Santorini lasted only 20 minutes and en route to Santorini, we saw some other Greek islands from the plane. The boyfriend took a car hire in Santorini which was already there waiting for us as soon as we’ve arrived. With the help of the GPS on my iPhone (it was really helpful while we were in Santorini), we found our way to Finikia where our hotel was located. Our hotel was Heliophos which was this quaint, little and family-owned bed and breakfast which was very near to Oia. It was located in the traditional village where houses were made of stone and painted white of course. We had to park the car at a nearby parking lot and walked towards our hotel (cars won’t fit in the cobbled pavements).

The boyfriend carrying my shoulder bag for me on the way to the hotel. Yes, I only have that bag when I went to Greece. The boyfriend couldn’t believe it either. haha.

Finally we found the hotel, it was aMMMMMazing! The photos below are from the hotel’s website: Heliophos Cavehouses.

On the way to the reception

The hotel.

And below are the photos that I took:

The balcony of our room.

The bed.

The rooms had the basic things that you’d need during the stay: bed, a small kitchenette with sink, fridge, a manual TV (with no remote control, haha! I didn’t know those still exist.. it literally belonged to a museum already) and a small, clean toilet which I managed to flood right to our room. The boyfriend and his friends couldn’t stop mocking me when I put newspapers on the floor of our room to absorb the water. It makes sense right? Or was it really a stupid thing to do?

After shower, we went to Oia (where all the white houses were) for some drinks. It was so beautiful that I almost peed on my pants. It was nighttime though so I wasn’t able to take photos much but was able to take this:

The moon is reflecting on the water, it was oh so beautiful!

One of the cobbled pavements in Oia.

We sat down at a cafe called Mezzio with a great view of the white houses under the moon light and with free wifi connection. Haha! I ordered octopus in olive oil which I found amazing but the boyfriend told me that it was crap and the octopus that we’ll eat in Halkidi will be much better (which I will later find out once we’ve arrived in Halkidi that he’s telling the truth).

It still is tasty for me, the cherry tomatoes were also good.

After 3 johnnie walkers and 2 vodka sprites, we called it a night. Our total bill was 45EUR. I couldn’t wait for the next day to see this beautiful place in daytime.

I leave you now with a photo of myself in Oia, Santorini the next day.


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  • writerholidaypackages January 20, 2014 at 13:42

    I had written a travel guide on Santorini and Crete and got to know that the former is also believed to be the site of the lost city of Atlantis. I also had the chance to read and write about the various evidences in its support. However, i never got the chance to see the detailed photos of how the houses and the markets in Santorini look like, until i found this blog post of yours. I love this place and wonder when will I be able to visit it?

  • Mitzie Mee September 15, 2013 at 15:22

    Santorini looks amazing! I’ve never been there, but I’ve always wanted to go.Tasty food, picturesque small villages and vodka sprite, -sounds like the ultimate vacation:)

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