Day 3: Lovely Paris at night

So yes, I was officially down with flu. I was supposed to drag Kay down to Disneyland Paris but how can I do that when just thinking about Mickey Mouse all happy and gay in his own little land makes me want to puke? So I stayed in for the whole day and had a looooong rest. Chubby was online and kept me company all throughout – the Parisian way of course, whatelse?

We waited for Jerome’s arrival from work and went to view Paris by night. I have to admit, I was quite disappointed with Paris for the past few days ‘coz I thought it will all be grand and dandy everywhere…. Good thing we made this night tour ‘coz it proved me wrong. Now I know why it is called a romantic city…. Lovely! Eiffel Tower stands in its glory when it is lit, Pont Alexander is way too beautiful to be missed out for the picture moments, Notre Dame has its classic beauty, Hotel De Ville (am not so sure if it really was Hotel De Ville since the French tour guide doesn’t know either hehehehehe) and a lot more buildings with picturesque grandeur which I forgot the names. We were supposed to take the boat ride through the city but we arrived late…. Too bad, but still I enjoyed it! Loved it!!!!

I wanted to treat the host and hostess for this Paris trip for dinner to that Japanese restaurant they were both raving about but due to time constraints, we ended up in Mc Donalds. And am not so happy about it since I wanted to treat them to at least worth half of my stay with them. But they wont let me. Anyways, Paris is lovely at night – hands down…. No question about it. I had a wonderful time here, thanks to my uber gorgeous friend – Kay and Jerome our official photographer for the night. My deepest gratitude to both of them, if not for them I wouldnùt have survived PAris and its freezing climate.

Flight tomorrow is at 0945 going to Rome, wish me luck!

inside Mc Donalds – me and Jerome are arguing as to who should pay for dinner; while Kay’s standing between us just watching and is somehow fascinated by this little argument me and Jerome is having –

Noemi: i’ll pay for dinner

Jerome: you can pay for dinner if you can say our orders in French

Noemi; that’s not fair!!!!!

Jerome: its ok, i got the dinner

Noemi: do you want to sleep outside your apartment tonight?

Jerome: No, when we go to Dubai we’ll stay at your…..

Noemi: Shush now!!!!! Shush!!!!!! am paying for dinner

Kay: give me the camera, i want to take your picture having an argument…


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