Day 3: Alexandria day tour

* ring * ring *
Noemi: (with groggy voice) hello????
Karim: Hey Dubai girl! wake up!
Noemi: What time is it??
Karim: 730
Karim: Yes.
Noemi: oh sh*t!!!!

We were supposed to start our 3hr journey from Cairo to Alexandria at 7am and I think we left by 830am. Good thing that the road to alexandria from cairo is not at all “scenic” so i didn’t feel like I was missing something while I slept the entire time.

We arrived in Alexandria at around 11am and our first stop was the Catacombs. I wonder why the Egyptians during those times were always digging and building all these tombs underground. But anyway, it’s an interesting visit, would have been better if our pseudo-tour guide was informative. hehe. (hi karim!) We had breakfast afterwards and had a taste of falafel (made of beans) and chilli’s. I am a big fan of spicy food so the chilli was just perfect for my taste.

We headed on to Pompeii’s Pilar which according to my research before we even went to Cairo was wrongly named by ancient crusaders after General Pompey because they believed that the general’s ashes is sitting atop this massive pillar. The true story behind it is it was built in honor of the roman emperor – Diocletian for giving them food in times of dire needs. The pillar is standing atop a hill with 2 sphinx guarding it. It is said that the top of this pillar can accommodate a party for 22 people to which I am sure I won’t attend if ever I am invited.

Pompeii's Pilar*

We went to Alexandria library afterwards, it is the biggest library I’ve ever seen and probably the most modern. They have lots of things to brag about but I was just not paying attention to the tour guide because her voice was so squeaky it irritates the wits out of me. :p

Alexandria Libraryring

Then we went to the lovely Montazah Palace. The palace itself is closed to the public but the garden surrounding it is quite good. There were some hotels inside the walled garden where you have the access to private beaches. It looks quite nice, well at least better than all the man-made beaches here in Dubai.

Beach inside Montazah Palace*

deny's version of follow the yellow brick road..

deny’s version of follow the yellow brick road..

We had lunch at a nearby restaurant – seafood of course since that’s Alexandria’s pride. The waiters were all friendly and I think i’ve said about a dozen thank you’s going in and out of this neighbourhood restaurant.

Stomach full at 5pm, as soon as the car sped on our way back to Cairo my eyes were already dropping. It’s like a lullabye for both Deny and I so i think the 2hours of the 3hour drive back to Cairo were spent with our eyes closed and most probably snoring.

We arrived at the resort at around 9pm and had our last shisha before leaving the place the next day. There was an Egyptian wedding going on at the grounds of the resort so it’s another sight for us to see. From the meeting point, the bride and groom walked solemnly with the whole entourage and will suddenly stop for a dance to the tune of an arabic melody being played live by the walking-band. It was nice and fun.

After bidding farewell to all the waiters who already know us by face since we’re the only Southeast Asian staying there, we called it a night and had a wonderful, relaxing, long sleep….


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