Expat Life in Dubai

Day 29: The failed continuation of the 28th.

July 23, 2011

This is actually still Day 28 but I’ve got nothing interesting to post on the 29th, besides the “reputable” company deserves its own blog post so there.

Anyway, so I decided to go back to Dubai and go to work after that cancelled job interview. I took a cab going back to the city (another AED50 wasted) only to find out that the bus service from Abu Dhabi to Dubai takes a break between 11am to 3pm (I arrived at 1110hrs) and since I’m as broke as a homeless mouse, I could not take a cab going to Dubai so I had to wait for the boyfriend to pick me up from Abu Dhabi. I went to Marina Mall (spent another AED50 for cab ride) and stayed there for about 4 hours doing absolutely nothing. Well ok, I ate breakfast at La Brioche and played Tiny Tower on my phone. HEhehe. Realized then that in Abu Dhabi, there are smoking areas in almost all of the restaurants inside the mall. Hehehe. So anyway, at around 2pm – the boyfriend finally came but he had to go back to work so I spent another 2 hours in Abu Dhabi mall while waiting for him. You’d think that as a woman I wouldn’t find malls to be a big bore to spend 2 hours in, well – I’m not your ordinary girl. Besides, I was wearing 3-inch shoes and I couldn’t possibly walk for 2 hours in it, so I was there sitting in the middle of the mall like a freak show.

We started our way back to Dubai at around 6pm and arrived at this great city at 7pm. Took a shower, ate spicy Thai food (which I’m too tired to do a review on) and dozed off to sleep. Next day was spent sleeping and eating more. 🙂

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