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Day 28: This day is made of complete failure.

July 23, 2011

So, you remember that thing that I was ranting about yesterday? The one that the people around me told me that I should be excited about but can’t seem to find that excitement within me? Well, it was a job interview to a supposedly “reputable” company. I was a bit hesitant to go at first because first of all, I really didn’t like the position available and two, the interview was scheduled on a Thursday and that day being the last of the week, it’s usually busy and it would really get into my “guilty conscience” that I was not at the office while all my other colleagues are suffering. Anyway, they were all very understanding and allowed me to go on leave for that day. So I went – to Abu Dhabi, 2 hours by bus from Dubai. I left Dubai at around 0645hrs and arrived there at around 0900hrs. I was already running late (the interview was at 0900hrs and the bus for whatever reasons, could not stop anywhere but at the downtown of Abu Dhabi which is farther away from the office itself). Spent AED20 on the bus ride and another AED50 for the cab ride. When I finally arrived at their office, I walked up to the receptionist to tell them that I know I’m already late for the interview but if there is still any chance for me that day it would be really great! For whatever reasons, I’ve read on the receptionist’s face that he wanted to dock under his table out of shame before he even uttered these words: “The interview is actually cancelled and you’re not the first one to arrive here for that. I’m very sorry.” I wasn’t sure if I heard everything correctly so I said: “I’m sorry what?” So he told me those same words again. At that point, I really don’t know how to react – I was tired and the first thing which came up to my mind was to go back to Dubai and go to work. What a complete waste and very unproductive day. He told me that the interview was actually rescheduled for the 24th of July and asked me if I did not receive any email? Well, I did receive 3 emails. One was to let me know that I was shortlisted and that I have to confirm my attendance on the 21st of July which I did, second was a confirmation that they have received my reply and they have wished me good luck as I undergo the whole process and 2 days after that, I received another email which is the same as the first one that they sent me but with a different date. So I was under the impression that the third email was wrongly sent or they have just given me another option as an interview date as there was no indication whatsoever that the 21st of July interview was cancelled. The third email I received was EXACTLY THE SAME EMAIL – VERBATIM – as the first one they sent. The only difference was, the date indicated on the third email was 24th of July instead of 21st. So, how was I supposed to know that they have messed up the schedule and I was actually supposed to disregard the first email and reconfirm on the third one? If I was there because of my own stupidity and carelessness, then why in the world was I not the only one who walked up to that very nice receptionist for that specific interview? It only means that their HR department messed it up and the receptionist had to face each and every applicant who will come his way and be brave enough to tell them that the interview was actually cancelled.

A one-liner email would have been ok: “The interview is cancelled, please come on Sunday.”
A text message would have also been fine: “D intrview is cxld. Come on Sun.”
A phone call would also be ok: “Hello, please cancel the leave that you have filed for tomorrow because we’ve rescheduled the interview. Please re-file your leave on Sunday at the same time. See you later alligator!”

But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, the HR department is too busy to do that and why should they even care if the applicants will have to travel all the way from Dubai, spend the money that she’s been saving up for her trip on August, wake up really early, spend one of her 30 days annual leave and make her colleagues suffer on a busy Thursday? I mean why should they even care? They’re a really big and obviously great company to care about these lowly people wanting DYING to get a job with them? Right? I mean c’mon! The whole population of Dubai would want to move to Abu Dhabi for a better salary so even if the HR will not treat them well and would care less about the “sanity” of their employees, it is ok! Because all these people are desperate enough to get THAT job so they don’t really care.

So anyway, here’s an open letter to that reputable company:

Dear [insert name of a reputable airline here],

Your HR department needs to undergo an intensive training on what exactly is their role in your company.

Have a great day and congratulations on your new DUS flight!

Sincerely Yours,

-n- m/ (i’ve always wanted to do that rock on icon…)

(I’ve put the real name of the company on the first draft of this post but my friend told me to take it off. With all the crazy rules going on around here in the Middle East being applied to bloggers, I might find myself inside a jail or paying incredulous fines for bad mouthing a REPUTABLE company and we don’t want that do we?)

Anyway, right now – I may not be getting the salary that [insert name of reputable Abu Dhabi company here] would have offered me (if I did get the job) but at least our company’s got a fantastic HR system. Don’t take my word for it though, I may or may not be inclined to jump over the fence towards their company in the future (we never know) – but as of this very moment, I have no intentions to do so and will not go for tomorrow’s interview.

Right, have a great day y’all! 🙂

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