Random Musings

Day 27: Kaboom!

July 20, 2011

Rant 1: I have something tomorrow which I wasn’t really excited about at first but then the people around me told me that I should be. So right now, I’m trying my best to build up the excitement from within me but to no avail – it’s still BLAH!

Rant 2: You know who’s the worst passenger for me? Those who will take a lot of your time and then will not buy a single service from you. I had one like that earlier and I’m THISCLOSE to sending a samurai to him to behead him. WUSHOOOOO!

Rant 3: I received an email from a certain hotel that I did a review on, the manager told me to contact him directly should I wish to stay again at their hotel. Discount will be provided. Yeeeeeehaw!

Rant 4: I lost weight! FINALLY! I can now zip up my old pants. YIPPPPEEEEE!!!!!

Rant 5: Last but not the least, 22 days left! 🙂

I need to wake up early tomorrow so goodnight!

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