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Day 24: Stupidity reigns over me.

July 17, 2011

Sometimes, I get too stupid that it’s not even funny. I don’t know what exactly I was thinking but it kinda gets to my nerves already how I became this stupid. Let me tell you the source of this ranting:

Last Friday, we went to a bar at Radisson Blu in Media City for some drinks. After a glass or so of beer, I excused myself and went to the loo. For those people who know me very well, I have a very bad eyesight and I’m too stubborn to wear specs or contact lens because it’s geeky and irritates my eyes (in the same order). So I immediately went to the door on my right thinking that I saw a lady caricature on its door and when I went inside, I saw some toilet stalls for men on my right and cubicles on my left – you see for a normal person, that alone would already give them an idea that they’re in the wrong toilet right? But nooooo, not for me. I still went inside the cubicle, unzipped my pants and peed. As I was doing my business, I’m trying to justify why was there a toilet stall for men outside. My stupified brain, to make it worst, told me that the hotel may probably have solved the problem mothers are facing when they have to bring their toddler sons inside the women’s toilet. That was what I was thinking when suddenly the door opens and I heard a man coughing. HOLY SHIT! I panicked and for a moment there, I thought my pee stopped mid-dropping. I heard the man unzipped his pants and started his own business. I was panicking so bad that I thought of sneaking out of the toilet while the man is peeing – thank goodness I decided against it. So I waited…. and waited….. and waited…. That guy must have peed all the liquid in his body as it took him quite a long time. Anyway, so when I heard him washing his hands I breathed a sigh of relief but another dilemma dawned over me: When should I get out of the toilet? Should I wait 5 seconds after this guy has left? What if someone else is coming in and would see me get out of the men’s toilet after this guy? What if the security guard sees me and accuses me of being a perverted maniac going inside men’s toilet and taking a peep to every man that will go inside? Oh God! I don’t want to go to jail in Dubai because of this!!!! That’s too embarrassing! So anyway, I decided to just man up (how ironic to say that inside a man’s toilet) and just get out of there after 5 seconds that the guy has left. Thankfully enough, there was noone around, specially no guards around to put me to jail right at that moment.

Moral of the story: if there’s a man’s toilet stall inside, get the f*ck out you dumbass and don’t try to justify it.

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  • Reply thetravellingfilmjunkie July 18, 2011 at 10:20

    Hahaha, I remember Jowel going in the girls restroom… Ask him about it. He’ll tell you the story, bwahahaha!

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