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Day 22: Going Aussie!

July 16, 2011

We wanted to try West 14th restaurant at Oceana in Palm Jumeirah but upon seeing the very classy interior of the restaurant, we decided that a brunch was not appropriate for that. So we went instead to Palm Jumeirah’s building 4 to eat a Bidibondi.

Life's a beach!

We stayed inside the air conditioned restaurant as it was just too hot to sit outside. The staff were all very nice and friendly. As I didn’t eat anything but a miniature burger the previous night, I ordered a real one at bidibondi for brunch.

Bidibondi beach burger!!!! YUM! Diet? What diet?

I like my burger to be filled of everything that you can possibly think of, so my burger was a layer of lean beef (well done of course), fried egg, fresh beetroot, tomato, rocket and red onion and melted cheese served with hand-cut potatoes and coleslaw. The fried egg was a good touch, seriously! I freaking loved it!

Layers and layers of calories!

Apart from the fries and a bit of the bun, I finished everything. It was THAT good!


The boyfriend on the other hand, ordered Aussie Aussie Aussie pizza with smoked turkey ham, crispy turkey bacon, onion and fried egg with murray and sea salt. Again, the egg made a whole lot of difference! That’s two of my favorite things in life: pizza and egg combined in this delicious ensemble!

if this will not make your mouth water then I don't know what will

Here’s what’s left of it after:

a piece of turkey ham and an insignificant piece of pizza.

Total bill for 2:

1 Bidibondi beach burger AED62.00
1 Aussie aussie pizza AED55.00
1 bottle of aquafina large AED12.00
1 Fresh orange juice AED16.00
1 Pepsi AED20.00
Total: AED165.00

But because I used my Entertainer voucher, the Ausssie aussie pizza came for free and our bill went down to AED110.00. Woot woot!

Total Entertainer voucher savings: AED1233.00

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