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Day 21: The real Media One experience.

July 16, 2011

So this weekend, I once again used my Entertainer Travel voucher for Media One hotel. Instead of paying AED840 for 2 nights, I only paid AED420 (stay for 1 night and get the 2nd night complimentary).

Total Entertainer Travel savings: AED1588.80 (woot woot!)

Anyway, let me tell you what I really really think about this hotel:

Positive points:

1. It’s funky, the design of the rooms and the hotel itself is different.

2. The location is perfect, right smack in the middle of Dubai Media City where all the other hotels are within a walking distance.

3. The bars are lively.

4. The quattro formaggi pizza on their room service was ammmmmmazing!

5. The staff (apart from the confused check-in agent) were all very nice and accommodating.

6. The check-out agent who assisted us was a darling.

Negative points:

1. The reception area is next to one of their bars and the music is so loud that you would have to raise your voice to the check-in agent for you to hear each other.

2. The check-in agent who assisted us was very confused (well try working in a very noisy environment every single day of your life then you’d probably get confused yourself as well). I have repeatedly mentioned that the rate given to me by the reservations agent who I spoke to on the phone was AED650 for 2 nights so I just couldn’t accept the rate of AED950 for 2 nights that he’s giving me upon check-in. The conversation went on and on and finally, he had the sense of calling their reservations department and checking with them what exactly was the rate given to me. After the conversation, he offered me AED420 for 2 nights which I agreed to (who wouldn’t?) but then he told me that he’s going to block AED1000 from my credit card as a security deposit. WHAT THE F????? The rate I’m going to pay is only AED420 so the reasonable amount to block the card is I believe AED500 besides, I’ve advised him that I’ll be paying cash upon check-out. Finally, I was able to convince him to just block AED500 from my card but that was after he repeatedly advised me that for any in-room dining or mini bar consumption I would have to pay for it right away – which I have repeatedly told him that I will do so. Well I don’t know, maybe it’s just me or maybe the agent was just plainly being annoying and just wants to give me a hard time. After what seems to be like forever, he gave me my key to my room. Finally!

3. Although there were about 3 bars and restaurants in the hotel, we didn’t try any of it for the main reason that those bars are playing their music in the highest volume that you could ever imagine that you’d probably be deaf after staying there for the night.

4. The room given to me was at the same side of the pool which if I had known that they’re going to have pool parties for the whole weekend, I would have asked for a room on the other side of the building. Loud music can be heard from the pool to the 11th floor as early as 1030am on Fridays (for Friday brunch) and it will last until 3am of Saturday. Unless really really drunk, I’m a very light sleeper and this pool party gave me a headache – not because I was in it but because it feels like I’m in it even if I’m under the blanket trying my very best to ignore the loud reggae music coming from the ground floor.

5. The rooms were small and you will have to strain your neck if you want to watch something on the TV from your bed.

I’m not the kind of person who would rely on other people’s reviews about a certain hotel because what they might not like might be good for me and vice versa or maybe the hotel might have already found a solution for all of the previous guests complaints but for this specific property, I have encountered almost all of the bad points the guests have raised previously on booking.com’s review of this hotel. The hotel is highly recommended for party animals who will be able to sleep inside a bar (seriously! the music is so loud that you’d feel like you’re actually in the bar itself). Also, it’s not just me who encountered a mix up on the room rate (read booking.com reviews) and I was seriously hoping that I will not encounter the same during my check-out. Luckily enough, the agent at the reception by the time we checked-out knows what she’s doing. I’m just a little concerned now if the blocked amount on my credit card will go back to my account as fast as they blocked because up until now, 7 hours after check-out, the amount is still not yet credited back to my account. I normally receive the blocked amount from my card as soon as the hotels have unblocked it but for Media One, I may have to wait the normal 30 working days to get it back. Ooooopf!

Will I ever go back to Media One? Maybe to attend their Friday Brunch on better weather conditions but not to stay in. I leave you now with photos.

Some people complained about the smoked-glass partition between the bedroom and the bathroom which I didn't really mind because it gave an illusion of the room bigger than it really was.

The TV was mounted on the left side of the room while the bed was diagonal from it. Seriously, it'll give you a stiff neck the next day. :p

I love the layout of their bathroom!

Separate toilet. Thank goodness!

iPod docking station which was mainly used to charge my iPhone. :p

View from my room. They woke me up at 1030am on a Friday!!!! Grrrrrr.

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