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Day 20: This sucks!

July 13, 2011

This 30-day blog challenge is sucking the life out of me. Seriously! I just got home from my monthly waxing appointment (too much information but I bet you’re all used to that by now) and I’m dead tired and sleepy (one eye is already closed as I type this entry). Well the challenge is not about the money anymore, it’s about my credibility of keeping my word that I’m up for this stupid challenge.

So anyway, it’s the Dubai Sale Festival since last month and today, I made a contribution to the economy of Dubai and bought these:

Billabong and Roxy swim suits!

It’s a hundred dirhams a pair (some are even lower than that) so I bought 5! Since I’m going to the beautiful islands of Greece on August, then might as well beautify myself with all these swim suits right? Well, I need to work on getting this body again:

woot woot!

Well the reason why I was so thin in the above photo was because I just got out of the hospital then (confined for 5 days) for some throat-related infection. I was not able to eat anything for 5 days, so I guess it’s either I make myself sick or starve myself for 5 days. None of which is a fascinating thought but I must do something before the vacation to at least lose an INCREDIBLE amount of weight (we don’t want me to be scaring the Greeks out of the beach right?).

Anyway, tomorrow is the weekend. Don’t expect me to be posting something then. Days 21 and 22 will be posted on the 23rd. Have a great weekend y’all!

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