Day 2: Full moon in Athens.

On the second day, the boyfriend was so eager to show me EVERYTHING that I must see in Athens that he brought me to National Archaeological Museum. Little did he know that I.HATE.MUSEUMS. Call me an uneducated and illiterate individual with no sophistication whatsoever but I’d rather poke my eye to pass time than to walk around a huge museum seeing all the old things, paintings and sculptures which belonged to a bunch of dead people.

The only museum and sculpture that I really liked was the one in Florence where they have the statue of David and no, it’s not because of the fact that the guy was nude. I don’t know, there’s something about the statue of David which made my jaw drop (it’s not his pee pee trust me) and made me so amazed by it. So anyway, here are some of the boring photos I took from the museum (yes, taking photos are allowed).


The above statue of Zeus is probably the highlight of this tour for me. I am very aware that like the statue of David, Zeus above is naked so I would like to stress out that it’s not because of his pee pee. Anyway, the statue was very life-like, with all the muscles perfectly etched on his body. I asked the boyfriend to do the same pose as Zeus in front of the statue and I will take a photo of him. He doesn’t want to because he’s a sissy, like those people at the museum will remember him right?

The minotaur.

At least I know the legend of the minotaur. 🙂

I caught the boyfriend staring at the woman’s breast. Wahahaha.

After the long walk inside the museum, we had frappe glyko me gala at the coffee shop opposite the museum. Stayed there for about an hour before we went to Temple of Zeus in the Acropolis area. The weather was a bit hot so I wasn’t really in the mood to walk for long but there’s really no other option for me. I liked the Temple of Zeus though. It’s just a shame that it was practically just the columns left from it, you’ll just have to imagine the structure standing in the middle of that field in all its glory.

We went back to Thisseo for some drinks and wifi connection. 🙂 It was the full moon that night and apparently, Athens celebrate the full moon in Acropolis every year so we made a plan to go back there in the evening. That’s after we find a supermarket so I can buy conditioner for my hair. You see in Athens, supermarkets are harder to find than the ruins itself. I think we walked around for 2 hours looking for one and as soon as we found one, we went back to the hotel for a quick shower and went to Acropolis again – which was packed with people.

The Acropolis museum was open to the public with free entrance that night and there was also a live band in the middle of Thisseo so it was literally a maze for us to get out from the swarm of people and find a nice place to sit, eat and drink. We found a place called Filistron with a great view of Acropolis from its rooftop bar but unfortunately was full for the evening. I asked the boyfriend (with a little bit of nagging tone) if we can just wait at the bar for a table to be empty because my feet is literally killing me even if I was wearing just slippers. The boyfriend agreed.

Filistron restaurant

As soon as a table was vacated, we immediately ordered our food as we were starving. We had:


Potatoes with cheese

Tzajiki, my new favorite dish.

We also had saganaki which is feta cheese with spring onion and tomatoes (YUM YUM!), white wine, 3 beers and a coke. I paid EUR45 total for both of us. We went home immediately after dinner as I was really very tired. It was our last night in Athens and we’re flying to Santorini the next day. I had to suppress my excitement because if I won’t, I’d be jumping and cartwheeling in the middle of Thiseo. Santorini is one of my dream destinations and included in my bucket list to see before I die. So Santorini, here I come!!!!!


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