Day 2: Flu and Versailles

So the freezing weather gave me colds and flu. Dammit!!!!! Trust me, getting sick while you’re traveling is not a very nice experience. You’re torn between wanting to explore the city that you’re in and wanting to get better. Knowing myself that whenever I get sick, I really have to nurse it but how can I nurse it when I’m in Paris? I mean for heaven’s sake it’s France!!! It’s my very first time to travel to Europe and I wouldn’t let a 38 degree fever stop me from exploring this city so off I went to Versailles. K and I started the day at around 12nn and took the train going to Versailles. We transferred trains but I was too sick to pay attention and I was just following K wherever she goes. LOL. Versailles is colder than Paris, just my luck – I was breathing through my mouth as my nose was really clogged up. I’ve put on my game face and started posing for photos amidst the sore throat and fever that I’ve got. LOL.

The garden of Chatteau de Versailles reminded me of The Sound of Music which is my favorite movie since when I was a kid. It was picturesque, cottony clouds, green surroundings, statues, lakes, ducks, boats – it’s rejuvenating. A place to just sit still and relax – which was what we really did. After eating some snacks, we went inside the Chatteau and grabbed our audio-guide in English.

Have I ever said that I was a geek in College and Highschool? No? Well, I was a geek. World history is just one of my favorite subjects. The place reminded me of my geekiness back when I was still wearing braces and eye-glasses. I remembered Marie Antoinette’s famous line – “let them eat cake” and was wondering which room was she in when she said that. :p Well, Versailles is a must-see in France, too bad I wasn’t on my top form when I went there.


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