Day 2: Chill the f*ck out (Part 2)

so around 6pm, we decided we wanted to see the “juggling convention” at the nearby ashvem beach. what the hell is a juggling convention you might ask? well, it was the very same thing i asked Christine who suggested that we see this event but anyway, since we’re already there why the hell not right? the problem is, the website which advertised the event doesn’t have the exact location as to where it was being held. well since it was a convention of some sort, then we all thought that people might have heard about it and could point us to the right direction. or so we thought….

well apparently, nobody in Goa knows where this “juggling convention” was. well ok, let me rephrase that – nobody in Goa knows that there was a juggling convention being held at that time. i think we’ve been going round and round for an hour asking clueless people if they know or have seen someone juggling fire or balls or any other things that a person could juggle – noone could point us to the right direction until Troy, out of instinct, stopped in a place where there were a lot of parked motorbikes outside and asked the guy standing at the entrance if he knows a place where fire dancers are performing to which the guy confirmed that we’re at the right place and the event is already starting. thank goodness! we paid INR300 each to get inside and i must say that it’s all worth the hours of searching for this place and the money we’ve paid. it was incredible!

it’s some sort of a talent show of all the hippies/freaks (at least that’s what the host of that show called them, no seriously!) around the world, from germany, japan, russia etc. etc. there were fire dancers, hoop dancer, hat juggler and some other things you’d never think that a person could do and be really good at. here are some of the photos i took from that event:

solo firedancer

the japanese artists

the guy with the hoola hoop – he’s amazing, really.

the guy with the boomerang :p

that guy with the boomerang thingy was my favorite that night. his performance was just enigmatic. of course you couldn’t see it from the photo but he was dancing with those two pieces of wood like he’s connected to it making a visual effect of it being a snake and he’s a snake charmer.

another firedancer

i stopped taking photos when i realized that i couldn’t really watch the show if i keep on taking photographs. so that was all i got out of that event which was really amazing. after too many firedancing acts that we’ve seen, we decided to go back to our humble beach shack in arambol as we’re all starving.

on the way back to arambol, Troy thinking out loud:

Troy: i think i should be a hippie, do you think i could be one?
Mi: no, you’ve got too much hatred inside you to be one.

whereas for me, i’m too fat to be a hippie. hehehe.

i ordered tiger prawns for dinner at Laughing Buddha which was really really good. well ok, i was starving. they could probably serve me paper that time and it would taste like pork to me. anyway, after the hearty meal we were planning to spend the night there, drinking all the beers that we could drink. well that was the plan for the night until the owner of the place kicked us out, as the hut that we were sitting in was apparently the sleeping quarters of the workers of that place. so not having any choice at all, we decided to go to the nearby bar which had the loudest music playing to continue on with our night. everybody at the bar was looking all happy and dandy in that place and i wanted to be one of them – you know, to fit in. 🙂 anyway, their beer – kingfisher, doesn’t make me happy so i started ordering vodka and sprites and also some shots of tequilla, which isn’t really doing any good for me either. is that how a drunkard is? anyhow, i noticed though that everytime i ask how much the price of what we’ve ordered to the bartender, they would usually take a 5-second pause and then look down while telling you the price. well at least look at me in the eye with your lie, gedemmit! it was still cheap though nevertheless.

we met an african group that night who i would say were the coolest people i’ve met in Arambol Beach. their happiness was quite addictive that it would be impossible for you not to be “happy” too while you’re with them. it was the best night for me in Goa, if i dare say – that was the highlight of Goa for me. we were too happy and dandy and high-spirited that night that we weren’t able to take a photo with the African group. too bad! well, let me dedicate this song which i believe fits that night to a tee:


to sum it all up, i had a blast in arambol!


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