Expat Life in Dubai

Day 19: Flu season.

July 12, 2011

Yesterday, I went to work with slight fever. I woke up feeling a bit drowsy and my throat slightly sore. Nevertheless, I went to work as I figured that it’s really not that of a big deal to nurse at home and seriously, what am I going to do at home? Anyway so at work, I had that slight fever-ish feeling all day long but didn’t go anything more than 37.5C I would say, so it was all good. When I got home, the baby’s got flu and I remember him coughing all morning before I left for work and he also had colds the night before. So yes, as shameful as it is for me, this baby’s got some real good virus and I have this really weak immune system to fight it off. How uncool is that? I took 2 tablets of vitamin C as soon as I got home and I’m planning to take another 2 tomorrow before I leave for work. I’ll probably do this 4 tablets of vitamin C per day for the rest of the summer.

The humidity of Dubai is becoming more and more unbearable these days that out of desperation, I asked the car rental company across my building how much is the cheapest car that they have for a month’s rental. Not yet sure if I’ll rent a car or just take a cab to and from work (to avoid walking for 15mins to reach the bus stop and catch our company bus).

How does summer in Dubai feels like?

Imagine yourself in hell. That’s probably how it is, maybe even worst. So I better clean up my act if I don’t want to spend my afterlife like this. Seriously though, here’s how I see it. As soon as you get out of an air conditioned building, the humidity and heaviness of air feels like a thermal blanket which was kept inside an oven for 100 years and it would be wrapped around your whole body giving you that feeling like you’re being suffocated. It is less humid in the morning but it is so hot that just by standing still for a mere 5 minutes waiting for the bus would make you sweat about half a gallon of water. You would need about 5 pcs of facial tissue to wipe off that sweat from your forehead entirely. I don’t really drink much water but recently, I have been drinking about 2 liters of water everyday because my goal for this year is to not faint out of heat stroke at all this summer. For the past couple of years, I think it would be a range of 4 to 6 fainting episodes every summer here in Dubai.

Anyway, we still have about 3 months to suffer like this (hopefully by October that weather will be better). So help me God.

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