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Day 17: Filipinas are cheap.

July 10, 2011

I chuckled for most of the time when I came across the following forums while searching for “Filipina Bloggers in Dubai” on google just to see if my blog will come out of the search (it didn’t, poor me huhu). I had a fun time though reading all these forums:

Filipina in Dubai look Cheaped
Are filipinas spoiling the culture of UAE?

Surprisingly, it didn’t offend me in any way anymore. I didn’t have the urge to reply on any of the threads specially because those were posted a few years back and the person who started the forum may have been long gone from Dubai? Anyway, the main reasons as per them why Filipinas are so cheap are the following:

* because we go out with several men at the same time
* because we ask money from our partner
* because we bring all our friends to hang out and let the guy pay
* because we don’t ask for expensive dates
* because we like having a foreigner boyfriend to live a better life

Well for the first point, there is one word for it: DATING, which I think is pretty acceptable in every part of the world except in the Middle East (well that is if you’re blind because there are a lot of people dating here in Dubai but of course, you’ll just have to see Filipinos doing it right?). I’d say that this is because we are grown women and we don’t let our parents decide who we’re going to marry because they have other better things to do than finding us a good man. I’m not saying that arranged marriage is bad and unacceptable, that’s how other cultures are and I don’t really put my nose to where it doesn’t belong so I don’t pry on other people’s lives and ask them: “why are you letting this happen to you, your parents finding you a man? Are you that lazy to do it yourself?”

The second point, we ask money from our partner. HAHAHAHA. I’m trying to think of a scenario where we MIGHT be asking for money but I can’t think anything better than: Thank you sweetheart for the dinner now can I have my lunch money for tomorrow? That person must be a con artist and if someone is stupid enough to give her money then she’s a damn good one. I haven’t asked money from the boyfriend though because I didn’t know that we’re supposed to but even if we were, my guts can’t seem to accept the idea of it. The worst thing that a guy can ever do is offer me cab money for me to get home that’s just EEEEEWWWWWW! I also don’t like dutch treats, you know that thing you do when you split the bill between the two of you? Why? One because I’m very bad in math and I couldn’t work out a simple computation in my brain without having the need to write it down at the back of the receipt. Two, because I don’t want someone saying that I just ate this then why the hell I’m paying that? And three, it turns me off. It’s either he takes the whole tab or I do. If he’s the one who initiated the date and he decided where to eat or what to do, then he pays. Then the next time we go out, I would choose the restaurant (a place within my budget of course) and I pay. Easy as that. Well, at least we don’t ask for dowry from the guy before we get married.

The third point, who does that?????? No seriously? If someone has ever encountered a Filipina doing that then by all means, send me a message here and I’ll go up to that girl and pull her by the ear and give her a lecture. I have a friend who I’ve invited to go out with me and the boyfriend and the boyfriend’s other friends. After dinner, she didn’t pay and she let my boyfriend pay for her meal. I offered to pay the boyfriend but of course he didn’t want to accept it but at least he knows that I am as disgusted as him towards this girl. I confronted the girl afterwards and never invited her anymore unless I have specifically mentioned that the invite is not for FREE.

I don’t see anything wrong about the fourth point so I’m going to skip it.

The fifth point, well I’ll put my own case for example. My boyfriend is Greek and I’m smart enough to know that the Greek economy isn’t really at its best these days. If I am with him to have a better life in the long run then I’m with him for all the wrong reasons then right? I should break up with him immediately and find myself a Singaporean boyfriend I suppose. Well, maybe it does work for some Filipinas. I can’t deny that. But not for me. All I want is to have my passport changed to a non-restricted one so I can travel the world with ease BUT don’t get me wrong, I will make sure that I have enough money to do that and the future husband will have all sorts of freebies too like free tickets and discounted accommodations. LOL. My ex boyfriend is an American and he never found out that the reason why I haven’t visited my mother and sisters in the US was because I’m having some problems with my US visa application until after he went back to the US and he was asking me to visit him there. I didn’t want him to know about all these things because I don’t want him to think that I’m dating him because I want to go to the US and have a better life. He asked me to marry him after which I, out of better judgment, called off even before we started the whole legal process of that thing. From then on I realized that I’m not THAT desperate to get married or even go to the US to have a better life. There must be something wrong with me, I mean there’s a guy who’s willing to marry me so I can cross the continents and live on the greener pasture but I declined. Plus the fact that I will soon have a US passport which is not at all restricted (except for Brazil, that country which I’m dying to go to). So yes, there really is something wrong with me.

Anyway, except for the third point (and the fact that some Filipinas would get involved with married men which I’m just really and totally against to but it’s not just the Filipinas doing that mind you) I’d say that Filipinas are just being targeted here in the Middle East because maybe, just maybe – we are happy and gorgeous people and they can’t fathom the idea that such a person exist because their lives are too miserable and they have nothing better to do except to pry on other people’s lives. But why is it that they’re just after the ladies? Why don’t you ask those guys who are chasing Filipinas in every way they can? I used to have a Friendster account which I rarely log on to but whenever I do, there will be a minimum of 15 messages from random men from Dubai asking for my number or giving me their numbers for me to call them and I usually have one response to all of them: DELETE.

Well this has been fun, I haven’t ranted about nonsense this much for a long time.

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  • Reply Mitzie Mee September 21, 2014 at 17:12

    *LOL* Well said! I love your old posts!

    • Reply Pinay Flying High September 21, 2014 at 17:13

      Eeeewwwww what are you doing here?????

      • Reply Mitzie Mee September 21, 2014 at 17:17

        Those old posts of yours are great, they always make me laugh. You should turn them into an e-book!

        • Reply Pinay Flying High September 21, 2014 at 17:19

          The old posts are silly. It makes me cringe! Yaiks! Go back to the present. Lol.

  • Reply Jay October 8, 2013 at 17:34

    I agree Who ever says that Filipinas are just behind married men or are cheap i would like to say that Filipinas are the best Asian community you can come across with they are so very very happy go lucky people i love to be friends with pinoys and pinays and i agree that people must be jealous as in todays world it is very difficult to find people who is this miserable world are so happy people and live life to their fulliest .

    To the people who say bad things about filipinas i would say GO MIND YOUR OWN LIFES dont comment/interfere in other peoples life who you dont know and hAVE NOT WALKED IN THEIR BOOTS AND DONT KNOW WHAT THEY HAVE TO GO THRU TO COME HERE AND HAVE A DECENT LIVING .

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