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Day 16: Matchmaker, make me a match – NOT!

July 9, 2011

A conversation on Yahoo Messenger with a friend I haven’t spoke to since ages ago:

By the way, I have someone very interesting for you to date.
Mi: Ermmm… If you had facebook and if you’re one of my blog readers then you’d know that I am in a relationship.
Friend: Serious?
Mi: Yes I am in one and why do you sound so surprised?
Friend: No, I mean are you in a serious relationship? Because this guy that I have for you now is hot.
Mi: Last time you said that the guy turned out to be a brainless maniac.

The above conversation reminded me of how my “friends” would set me up with random guys that would come their way who apparently was single and the first thing that would pop in their head is my name. It doesn’t really matter to them if the guy would turn out to be a complete asshole or a self-proclaimed airhead or with an unbearable case of narcissism or a bum or just plainly psychotic. For as long as the guy is single and looks ok then they’ll give my number to them without even doing a background/quality check beforehand.

Most of these friends who kept on setting me up on blind dates are the “coupled” ones and whenever I went out with them I am the odd woman out – which I really didn’t mind but what I do mind is how these people would pimp me to their boyfriend’s sister’s friend’s brother or something like that.

After telling them a lot of times that I don’t need them to be doing this matchmaking for me they would do it in a subtler way like “accidentally” bump into the subject in that “random” bar that we picked for the night and coincidentally the guy was there all by himself so it would be rude for us to not invite him to our table.

Anyway, I got tired of all the awkward first dates and stupid matchmaking schemes my friends would play on me and I’m just glad that I don’t have to go thru all that again (as of this moment because we never really know right? :p)

So no, no need for matchmaking for me. Thank you very much.

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