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Day 14: I will be in hell tomorrow.

July 7, 2011

The baby in our house is having his birthday tomorrow and they will be celebrating it in * drumroll please * our house! Well ok, the house is big enough to fit visitors (maximum 15 without overcrowding it) and they told me that they are going to invite less than 10 people BUT there will babies along with them. UGH! I’m allergic to kids. Seriously! I need to be at least 10 paces away from them else I will start getting rashes all over myself. So tomorrow, with all the babies crawling all over the place, I will have to lock myself inside my room and have a bottle of anti-histamine ready just in case. Call me anti-social but I am not getting out of my room until the coast is clear. My landlady is fully aware of this situation (it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that I’m not crazy about kids as I don’t play much with her son) and told me that she will probably just hand over plates of food to me inside my room while they’re having fun outside. I’m cool with that!

On a totally unrelated note……… I’m waiting for a result of something on Sunday.

You know what I really really hate? Waiting!

This is torture.

Right, can I start my weekend movie marathon now?

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