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Day 12 and 13.

August 30, 2009

Day 12: Last day in Madrid.

We were supposed to go to Jetaphe to meet someone but the driver didn’t show up. So I just spent the whole day at home, watching TV while my aunts were shopping. Haha. It was a very unproductive day, at least I had a day whole day of relaxation. :p

Day 13: Arrival in Nice.
We went to Madrid Terminal 4 (another huge airport) at around 4am to catch the flight of Brussels airline at 0645. Arrived in Brussels at around 0930, the flight we’re supposed to catch next going to Nice was at 1130 but it got delayed for 30mins since Nice airport was highly congested of planes going into the city. The plane ride from Brussels to Nice was the worst I’ve had or maybe I just plainly hate plane rides. It’s good though that the scenic view from the airport to the hotel in Nice was breathtaking, it took my mind off the horrible plane ride. Clear blue sea on your right and mountains in front of you was what Promenade d’anglais had to offer – the main and most famous street of Nice. Our hotel was just a 10min walk to the promenade, so it wasn’t that bad for us. We spent some few hours inside the hotel to rest for a bit before heading out to search for lunch just to find out that the restaurants at Nice will not open until 7pm, it was only 5pm then. So we went back to the hotel and slept for 2 hours before heading to Rue Paganini where all the asian restaurants were. We went inside a family-owned Vietnamese restaurant where the owner was the actual and sole server of the restaurant. It serves the best spring roll!!! Both the owner and the cook (husband and wife) had warm greetings to every person walking inside their place, I would definitely recommend it if only I can remember the name of the restaurant. :p

After dinner, we walked towards Promenade d’Anglais and found a flea market on the way there. Artists at every corner who would gladly draw a caricature of your face, Jamaican singers, restaurants, bars, hotels, living statues – the street was vibrant and packed with tourists. Even at the Promenade you can find lots of artists, people jogging around, people walking their dogs, group of teenagers having picnic on the beach and that was around 10 in the evening already. It reminded me of Malate in Manila, I suddenly missed the place. Haha!


We went back to our hotel after sitting on one of the benches facing the sea for a good hour. I made a mental note for myself – to go back to Nice with a “special someone”, it was enigmatic.

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