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Day 11: I will have a stiff neck tomorrow.

July 4, 2011

When I was a kid, I saw a boy holding a santan flower and picking each of those flowers from the stem and sipping it. I asked him why he was doing that, because I was a nosy curious kid. He told me that the nectar is sweet and that I should try it.

Santan flower - it doesn't taste anything like that boy told me it would.

So I tried it and didn’t taste anything. I looked at the boy again and saw that he’s really enjoying whatever the hell it is that he’s sipping from that flower, so I thought that I might be missing something and tried it again. It doesn’t taste anything, really.

So I left the boy who I thought at that time was pretty silly and that I was too smart to be hanging out with him. The next day, I saw another kid doing the same thing – and then another and another and another. This santan flower was really getting so much hype at that time that it even came to a point that sipping a nectar of this flower became the favorite pastime of the “cool” kids in our school. So I don’t know, maybe it was peer pressure or something as I found myself hanging out with these “cool” kids as we walked side by side around our schoolyard with santan flower in our hands sipping its nectar.

Let me tell you this though – IT. DOESN’T. TASTE. ANYTHING! Stupid kids pressuring me to sip the tasteless nectar of this stupid flower.

I took that photo from our balcony and when my landlord’s baby is old enough, I’d tell him that sipping santan nectar everyday would give him superpowers. I’ll let you all know how it goes.

Anyway, I had this for dinner earlier:

dinner time!

I’m trying to cut back on rice because it’s evil which I believe is the hardest thing for a Filipino to do. A Filipino not eating rice???? What kind of nonsense is that? But yes, as unfathomable as it may seem – I’m trying to cut back on rice because it makes me swell up like a pig. And we don’t want that do we?

I strained my neck at work earlier. I am 90% sure that I won’t be able to move it left and right tomorrow. Fun times!

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