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Day 10: My legs feel like jelly.

July 3, 2011

I felt like 20 horses kicked me repeatedly for the whole day, I felt so tired and my legs felt like it will detach itself from the rest of my body. Maybe that’s what you get after spending three days doing nothing. Anyway, I don’t want to talk about work. Let’s talk about something else.


3 days ago, I was craving for Arabic cuisine so I ordered Kebab platter from a nearby Lebanese restaurant. I found out then that I have a “thing” towards minced lamb. YUM. 2 days ago, I was craving for Italian so we had dinner at Sicilia. Yesterday, I was craving for tempura so I ate this at Ibn Battuta food court:

Bento number 5 at Sugoi.

Then earlier this evening, I was craving for sweet corn so I did my grocery at the nearby supermarket and stopped myself from buying 5 cans of sweet corn and bought just 2. After dinner, I took a shower and found out that I have my period (too much information I suppose). So the whole point of this story is, having your period is much like being pregnant. You crave for things and you really MUST get it no matter what.

Well actually, there is no point in this story. It’s just an entry to keep my 30-day blog challenge going.

20 more days to go!

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