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Day 1: Only in Paris

May 13, 2008

Night before 15th of April, was jittery and nervous since I wasn’t able to ask for Kay’s contact number in Paris. Was very close to booking myself on hotels online, good thing she went online at around 2:30am. Hehe. Had an hour or so sleep before heading to the airport.

Holding a subload ticket, I am on standby. Flight is not loaded, they gave me my boarding pass right away. Yay! Another Emirates staff wasn’t accepted on a flight for wearing scanty clothes. Plunging neckline top which practically covers only her nipples. Hehe. Poor girl. :p Moving on, searched for Gate 48 which is located on the farthest side of the airport. Joined the other passengers sitting on the floor and pulled out my “Kite Runner” book and finished 3 chapters before finally having that airy head due to lack of sleep.

Plane finally came, French guy was sitting on my seat 27K. He’s holding 26K seat on his boarding pass, took it instead. Geezzzz!!!!! Slumped on my chair and immediately I was in la la land. Zzzzzzzzzz. Woke up just in time for breakfast, then slept again. Woke up in time for snacks, then slept again. Woke up in time for lunch, then watched the movie Juno and half of National Treasure: Book of Secrets. Then finally, the plane has landed on Charles de Gaulle Airport. YAY!!!!!

Searched the SOIRTEE out of the airport. Hehehe. (Finally learning my French words once again…). Searched for RER B train going to Chattilet Les Halles. Man, it was hard! English speaking girl in a non-english speaking country. But being the gutsy girl that I am (or so I want to believe) just took the train I first saw, which was the right train – thank you very much. I was expecting the sceneries to be wonderfully awesome. Like posh buildings to match the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop BUT to my disappointment…. it was….. all old buildings which from the outside looks like abandoned until you see the clothes hanging dry from the balconies. Ohhhh k….. So much for Parisian class. To make matters worst, there were about 4 passengers who came and went asking for alms. Beggars in Paris, dressed in coat, good shoes, pants and good health. Nice! I was suddenly aware of my surroundings as I have read in so many web articles about the pick-pockets in Paris specially in trains. So best antidote for pick-pockets, never act like a tourist. How the hell am i going to do that if a suitcase is lying on my side? Put on that sour, snobbish face (the face which am famous for, the bitchy look… :p). Yep! it worked, nobody even bothered to ask me for alms. Or maybe I just look poorer than they are. wehehehehe. So anyway, as I was told – got off at Chattlet Les Halles and took another train going to Boissy Saint Leger. Then another “Only in Paris” moments – a teenage couple got in and sat in front of me. Girl was sitting on the boy’s lap while they kiss non-stop. Wat the f???? Denden and Monmon will love it here! hehehehe…

So anyways, got off at Nogent Sur Marne and waited for my French-speaking Filipina friend – KAY. A real French-speaking girl, not one of those who rely on Online Translations which is usually screwed up. Anyways, me and Kay were classmates from college. Seatmates during our Spanish and Humanities class. Copying from each other during quizzes and exams, in short if not for each other we may not have survived our Spanish and Humanities class. Anyways, so she’s willing to adopt me during my stay here in Paris. Which is a good news!!!!! YEY!!!!! So we went to her apartment and immediately explored Paris as soon as I dropped my bags. Hehehe. The neighborhood is nice, quaint little place. Picture moments! We took the subway going to Gallery La Fayette, Louvre then walked to Pont Alexander, which was very familiar to me because of the movie Something’s Gotta Give then finally took the train going to Eiffel Tower. Stayed there and waited for it to be lit…. Then a Tagalog-speaking French guy picked us up (Kay’s husband) from there then headed home at around 9pm.

Louvre, of course I had to do a ballet pose.

Louvre, of course I had to do a ballet pose.

Had dinner and planned my Italy trip for 18th of April. Hehehe. This eurotrip is turning out to be one of the things that am looking forward to – explore Europe and travel by myself, never knowing what will happen next. Come what may…. So I found myself making an Air France reservation from Paris to Rome for the 18th of April since the train fare is much more expensive than a plane fare. From Rome to Munich, I have yet to plan that for when am already there. hehehehe.

By the way, forgot to mention – while we were exploring Paris and taking pictures, for whatever reasons the French have a weird way of making themselves noticed and share the spotlight with you on the picture.

See the guy in a black coat behind me?

See the guy in a black coat behind me?

Right, am off to bed.

Kay to Noemi: Don’t you ever get tired????

Noemi to Kay: Nope.

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