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November 30, 2008

The riot in Bombay.

Bangkok airport sieged by protestors.

Violence in Nigeria.

Flooding in South Brazil.

Worldwide economic crunch.

The impeachment case against Arroyo (for the nth time) was trashed again by court.


Wow! all these world crisis and that’s all we’ve got in the Philippines. Seriously, are they still after Arroyo’s ass until now? Jeez!!!! It’s only one year left, let her sit in her seat peacefully for another year instead of staging too many rallies and wasting your time. Am not pro-Arroyo, in fact I could care less who will sit as the next president of RP. It’s all the same story, which is already getting old. Same corrupt officials, same lame administration – regardless of who sits there. But pleeeeeease! give her a break. 1 year left, can the senators/congressmen (all those people whose souls are already rotting in hell) of my country focus on something more important other than running after the president’s ass every freaking month? – try poverty, economic crisis, floodings around metro manila, homeless people, street crime etc. etc.

instead of politicking (is there such a word) with each other, instead of starting your presidential campaign for the presidential election in 2010, instead of trying to sack the president’s ass (which i doubt would never happen and i hope would never be tried again as it just waste a lot of time and money of the government which would have been better to be spent in more worthwhile solving of too many problems our country is facing) – why don’t you all politicians deal with something which would benefit the whole nation for once? just once! it doesn’t really hurt to be unselfish sometimes, i suppose. just give it a try.

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