Damouchari Beach in Pelion, An Underrated World-Class Beauty

Damouchari Beach, Pelion, Greece

I’m the first one to read about all kinds of best beaches list in the world and never have I seen Damouchari beach in Pelion to be included in any of it. I wonder why. I’ve never even heard about it until our recent holiday in Greece.

The Greek Mister took in-charge of our vacation. He was the one who researched about each places that we are to visit and he did our itinerary for each day according to the places that he knows I will love. I am now confident enough to say that he does know me so very well as each places that he brought me to were all incredible and probably the exact places I would’ve chosen to go to if I had done our itinerary myself. “Only the best for you…” is what he would always say in a mocking way whenever I would tell him how beautiful the place is that he brought me. I hate it when he’s right. 🙂

Damouchari Beach, Pelion, Greece

After spending most of our day in Mylopotamos beach, The Greek Mister suggested that we have our dinner at Damouchari beach – a place in Pelion which he said where Mamma Mia movie was filmed. I got excited at the mention of Mamma Mia! The drive took us about 30 minutes and of course, we had to walk down a dirt path to reach the beach itself. As is the norm in Greece – the harder it is to get to a beach, the more beautiful it’s going to be. It’s all worth it most of the time.

Damouchari Beach, Pelion, Greece

As we arrived at the main area of Damouchari, I knew for sure that it’s going to be my favorite place in Pelion. Its beauty defies description. I was absolutely speechless!

The Cove

As you finish walking down the path, the first thing you will see is the small cove. It’s very scenic and atmospheric, it looks like an artist’s work of imagination. It seems to me like every stone, every building and every tree were all set-up to be in the exact place where they are to form a magnificent facade that only a brilliant artist can create. It’s picture perfect!

Damouchari Beach, Pelion, Greece

Damouchari Beach, Pelion, Greece

We had dinner at Mparmpastergios Taverna which is a charming taverna overlooking the cove. I had the most amazing calamari here.

Damouchari Beach, Pelion, Greece

Damouchari Beach, Pelion, Greece

Damouchari Beach, Pelion, Greece

The Village

After dinner, we decided to walk around the small and charming village of Damouchari. It was established by the Venetians and is one of the places which is not yet in the radar of mass tourism of Greece so it guarantees an authentic Greek village feel to it.

The Beach

As we reached the end of the cobblestone path, the majestic view of the Damouchari beach welcomed us. The sound of the waves crashing through the shore makes the whitewashed pebbles and stones create a magnificent harmony that only a beach lover can find immense joy in. I stood there, speechless, in the middle of the shore as the salty seabreeze blowing through my face made a havoc out of my hair, I enjoyed it even though the ends of my hair prick through my eyes. I didn’t care! I took it all in. I couldn’t believe such a beauty exist. “I love this beach!”, the only sentence I could utter to the delight of the Greek Mister – a proud moment for him for choosing the right place to bring me.

Damouchari Beach, Pelion, Greece

Damouchari Beach, Pelion, Greece

Damouchari Beach, Pelion, Greece

Damouchari Beach, Pelion, Greece

I took hundreds of photos though I know that none of it will justify and truly capture the beauty of this place. I still did though as I wanted something to remember that I was there, I wanted a proof that this isn’t just a dreamy place that I have imagined. “Thank you!” I told The Greek Mister when it was time to leave, he smiled from ear to ear as we headed back to the car. It was a proud moment for him, rightfully so.


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  • Reply Shon Edmund September 3, 2015 at 22:00

    There, one can enjoy a calm and dreamy stay at one of the two pebbled little beaches with amazing blue-green water, visit the remains of a tower, see the little shops on the coast or admire the beautiful olive grove starting from the sea and ending up the mountain. Share it!

  • Reply Mitzie Mee August 16, 2015 at 11:24

    Cool that TGM did the itinerary for your trip. Poul usually just mention stuff that he wants to eat while on vacation, and I do the planning.
    Mitzie Mee recently posted…Denmark: Calvin Klein and K-TownMy Profile

    • Reply Pinay Flying High August 16, 2015 at 17:01

      He’s usually hands down with itinerary planning specially if we’re going to Greece.
      He enjoys it, he probably should’ve been a travel agent. Lol

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