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September 26, 2009

my home country is currently suffering one of nature’s wrath right now, a typhoon which already killed 60 people (up to date). this is the typhoon season in the philippines and the worst time to go there (that’s why i could not fathom my cousin’s decision to go and have his vacation in the philippines at this time of the year.. :p). october is my birth month and i have had a handful of birthdays spent inside the house watching our neighbors’ roof be flown off by strong winds.

anyway, i already got a message from my aunt that they are safe and that our house didn’t have much of water flood in it. the dogs together with the 4 newborn puppies are safely staying at their temporary house until the typhoon finally change its course – our second floor veranda. so everything is well for them and hopefully will stay that way…

on a totally different note, i finally got my salary slip for this month. and well, let’s just say that after they deducted the air tickets for me and my aunt last August, it practically left me with absolutely nothing at all for this month. woo hoo!!! what’s worst is that my birthday is coming up (october 22nd for those who forgot) and the next pay will be received on the 26th of the month which means am totally broke come my birthday. what a nice way to celebrate my 26th birthday! so it’s a definite – no yacht party for me this year. boo hoo!

so i figured that i really have to be a wise-spender for the coming days and will have to decide which of the monthly expenditures i should include on my budget and which i should just sacrifice for me to survive the next couple of days…. so let’s see:

1. house rent – definite NEED, we don’t want myself to be homeless don’t we?

2. credit card payment – definite NEED, although i may just have to pay the minimum payment required for this month.

3. grocery – definite NEED, toiletries and food for the next few days must be purchased.

4. monthly visit to dragonfly for my dose of vanity – i may have to skip manicure and pedicure for this month but please….. i need to do the waxing. so manicure and pedicure – No No, waxing – Yes Yes.

5. weekend partying – not that i’ve been partying for the past couple of weekends… so i just have to maintain this very low profile of mine (i swear i can hear the lodge’s dancefloor calling out my name)

6. taxi fare – a definite NEED, i start my work at 1:30 in the afternoon just when the sun is mightily shining above the deserts of Dubai… so let me have this 15 dirhams daily for a one way cab fare going to work. (i take the bus going home…. hehehe)

7. weekends at khor fakkan – 200 dirhams for a one way cab fare from khor fakkan to dubai… i will have to think about this overnight.. :p

8. a party on my birthday – not going to happen, unless my mom is coming here to dubai to celebrate it with me… :p

so well, let’s see how am going to survive this month….

p.s. i am officially accepting alms and donations in any forms – in kind or in cash / cheques

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