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April 6, 2009

it has all come back to that time when gladiators were thrown inside an arena full of famished lions. the spectators cheering from above not for the gladiators to come out of the den alive but for the lions to tear the man apart. blood and gore right before your eyes. they found it amusing and entertaining in a sickening way.

but it’s a different story now – we no longer have the gladiators, the spectators have gone into the den and turned out as lions. everybody’s biting each other’s asses. it’s the survival of the fittest for everyone now. this time is not for the faint of hearts, you cannot just stay back and watch the show in front of you coz in one way or another, someone will pull you into the pit and gut you out alive.

at work, there are backstabbing colleagues who will do everything they can to keep their jobs and you are their pawn for the first to be laid off. you have to be very careful now for one mistake will cost you your job.

out on the streets, innocent people are being stabbed and left for dead just because they are the same nationality of their employer who kicked them out of their jobs.

in mall parking lots, people’s handbags are being snatched by desperate people clinging to desperate measures for them to survive another day and possibly to get out of the country and go back to their homeland.

at the airport, people are being held in custody and are not allowed to exit the country because of unpaid loans and credit card bills.

this is no longer the dubai that i have known for the past year. it’s totally different now. some people are still being blinded by the blundering lights and sounds that covers up the reality of dubai.

the question is – should i join the blind ones and be vulnerable to all these? or should i join the ones who know the reality and be on defense at all times?

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