Covid-19 Lockdown Day 3

So how are you all doing? I hope you’re all keeping well, self-distancing and disinfecting things like it’s your full-time job. My husband has created a hobby of following me around as soon as I get in the apartment with a dettol and kitchen towel in his hands disinfecting everything I touch until I wash my hands (while singing the happy birthday song nonetheless). 

So far, we haven’t killed each other. Yet. We’ve both been working from home since last week and it seems to be going well for the two of us. The thing is though, I quite enjoy his company and I’d like to believe that he enjoys mine too. So being with him 24/7 isn’t really that much of a problem for us, so far. 

About the C-word, I try to take my mind off it because that’s what we’ve been dealing with at work since January 2020. I work in the travel industry and we’ve seen the wrath of this virus unfold in front of our eyes. It spread so quickly and we’ve had to deal with each and every travel bans of countries around the world. First, they banned people who traveled to countries where the virus was rampant, then came the complete closures of borders, hotel closures, cruise ships cutting their journeys short and then airlines stopping international flights. 

When Emirates announced that they were grounding all of their flights, I was devastated. Emirates is one of the (if not the) biggest airlines in the world and for that kind of company to make such a drastic decision, I feared for my job of course. Also, because I used to work for them and I have so many friends still working for the company – in Dubai and here in London. The good thing is, staff are still employed but will have a salary reduction for a few months. At least they still have a job to go back to once this is all over right? Bad thing is, circumstances are different for each person and some of them just can’t afford to have a salary reduction during these times. I just hope all of these will be over soon, I keep saying that I’m actually more afraid of the economic impact this will have more than the virus itself. I’m dreading it.

Anyway, I feel like the lockdown in London is half-assed. It’s more like a “strongly worded suggestion” than a rule. The day after the lockdown was announced, people were caught sunbathing in some of the parks. You see, since all these chaos dawned upon us, we’ve been blessed with sunshine and warm weather so it was of course hard for Londoners to not get out of their house. Even I went for a walk last Saturday thinking that I’d have Richmond Park to myself but it was packed! Kids, toddlers, babies and old people were all milling about with not a care in the world. I had to do the short route of the walk so I won’t be exposed to any more of them (that or maybe, I was just being lazy to do the long route. Maybe.) Why does this all have to happen when the weather’s gorgeous? Murphy’s law at its finest. 

The only good thing I can take away from all these lockdown drama is (apart from our apartment being pristine clean because we’re both bored and doing house chores is now a treat) I get to be in touch with friends and family from all over the world. I’ve been talking to them on whatsapp, facebook messenger or facetime – people who I’ve only kept in touch before through forwarding of memes or tagging each other on stupid things on Facebook. Now, I know what they ate for lunch or what they’re craving for or if they have enough toilet paper rolls for the day. Fun!

Anyway, this is such a long blab now. I hope you’re keeping well and are washing your damn hands!


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  • Reply trainswestcan-eSPANO Webb March 26, 2020 at 13:18

    Your fears are well founded. Two weeks in and I was calling it the ECONO virus.
    More emphasis was placed on the economy here than the health of ‘participants”

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