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October 31, 2011

Last Saturday, I went to do my grocery shopping. I had about 4 big plastic bags when I got back home and a very nice gentleman helped me carry some of it and initiated a short chat inside the elevator. I’m not particularly sure how I looked like that day after the grocery but…. well, you be the judge.

: So, which apartment do you work for?
Me: 320 (with a chuckle and a big smile on my face)
Gentleman: How long have you been with them.
Me: Ah not very long, I was hired when the baby was born. I’m taking care of the baby mostly and sometimes do the grocery like now.
Gentleman: I’m sorry…..
Me: For what?
Gentleman: I’m an asshole, I’m sorry for thinking that you work in this building.
Me: No, I work here! (chuckling louder)
Gentleman: I don’t think so, your accent…. it’s different. And you speak better english than I do. I’m very sorry.

It was a very honest mistake and I wasn’t offended whatsoever because when I looked in the mirror after that elevator ride, I looked like I’ve been cleaning houses nonstop for 24 hours. 🙂

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