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Cirque Du Soleil: Dralion

February 23, 2013

I have been a fan of Cirque Du Soleil for God knows how long. If you’re a dancer/artist, you aspire to be a member of a prestigious dance company and Cirque is actually almost always included in that aspirations. I watched their Alegria show in Dubai last 2009 and LOVED it so I got really really excited when I heard that they’re coming back to Dubai to do their Dralion show. I was probably one of the first few people who bought their tickets as soon as Platinum List started selling them. The cheapest ticket was priced at AED295 per person which I didn’t even think twice as I know that it’s going to be all worth it. I was just ecstatic to see them perform again. However, I was slightly disappointed about the show. The performers were great of course but there were not enough stunts which really WOW-ed me. On top of that, the venue for this year was in World Trade Center and it was absolutely crappy. I think they tried to fit the maximum number of people in their venue and in the process of it, they risked the comfort of their audience. The chairs were too small and there was not enough leg room between the rows. In fact, if someone is already sitting and you have to pass by in front of them – that person should put his/her legs sideways just so you can pass by. This actually created a very weird movie in my head, I suddenly had that attack of claustrophobia. While waiting for the show to start, I can just see how many people are actually in the venue and I kept thinking about weird stuff like we’re all going to die here if there’s a fire or if one of the benches broke or if one of the iron holding the stage up unscrews itself and the whole thing will collapse on all of us. Yes, I’m that weird. The performance is actually great if you have nothing to compare it to. Having seen Alegria 4 years ago and the boyfriend saw one of their shows in Las Vegas, we both were a little disappointed. Don’t get me wrong though, it was still great. It’s just not as great as the ones that we saw previously.

Will I still watch their show if they come back to Dubai? You bet I will! Now here are some of the photos I took from the show, it wasn’t much because I couldn’t concentrate on the show when I’m taking photos:




And these are the official photos from Platinum List:



This was my favorite act, it was amazing!

This was my favorite act, it was amazing!



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