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Cinnamon Restaurant, Cove Rotana Resort

April 3, 2010

it’s my first time to have a Friday brunch and did it here at Cinnamon Restaurant at the Cove Rotana Resort, there was one other restaurant called Basilico which has a very great view of the whole resort but served limited choices of food (Italian specifically), not that we have any qualms about it but we’ve been eating Italian foods for God knows how long and our taste buds are begging us to have a different cuisine this time. so off we went to enjoy the buffet brunch of Cinnamon Restaurant:

the ambience: taking advantage of the pre-summer breeze, we opted to have our meals at their al fresco dining area. which wasn’t that bad but there was no view whatsoever.

staff: are very helpful. when we arrived there, we asked for a menu and were told that at that point in time they were having a friday brunch. i asked if it’s ok for us to look around and the receptionist went with us to show all the food sections that they have to offer without making us feel that this show-around will cost us our arm and leg if we don’t decide to eat there. we opted to take the AED175 / person package which includes house beverages plus unlimited beer and selected red and white wines. now here’s the downside, when we were about to pay our bill, the waiter was charging us more because the boyfriend ordered a Heineken which was not included on the unlimited beer package (apparently he should have ordered either a Carlsberg or Amstel only) to which we were not advised by the receptionist. the price is not a problem, it was merely AED30 more for the charge of ordering a Heineken, but it’s the fact that we were not advised of such information that I want to fight for. the boyfriend sensing that my customer-service side is slowly boiling out of control, told me to just drop it and it’s not a problem paying the 30dirhams more. but still, i can’t seem to accept this 30dirhams extra charge on our bill. it’s not about the price, it’s the principle – we were not advised of it. but anyhow, when our final bill came – the waiter told us that since we were not told of such rules they will just remove the charge off our bill.

service: i ordered a bottle of water from the waiter and was advised that water and fruit juices are served inside the buffet food stations. the Italian couple ordered the same thing to a different waiter and was given what they asked for. i again ordered a bottle of water to the waiter who served the table beside me and it was served to me as well. so maybe the first waiter was just not “informed” that waters can also be served by them. :p other than that (and the billing mistake) the service was great. just raise your hand politely to catch their attention and 2 or 3 waiters will come running to ask what you want. one of the waitress even apologized for serving the pepsi that i ordered 5 minutes after i placed it, since as per her they have a big group of people dining inside the restaurant. she calls serving a pepsi within 5 minutes a bad service, she should be the manager of Virgin Beach Resort in the Philippines then.

food: OH MY GULAY is my only reaction. they have more food choices comparing to The Views Restaurant in Le Meridien Al Aqah and well, the seafoods that they served were tastier as well. since as many of you know by now that i have a serious and uncurable addiction on seafood, so this restaurant is heaven for me.

1st serving

second serving: grilled lamb chop and grilled beef together with grilled shrimps on sweet and sour sauce plus rice

3rd serving

4th serving: i was eating with my hands this time - can you see the vinegar with lotsa lotsa onions???? finally, a restaurant who knows what sauce fits best a seafood.

5th and last serving: i just can't get out of this restaurant without trying their mexican dish. hehehe.

price: there were 3 kinds of package, one is AED125 for just the buffet and you’ll have to pay extra for all the drinks that you’ll order. another one is AED175 (the one which we got) which includes all house beverages including beer (Amstel and Carlsberg ONLY) and selected red and white wines. last is AED250 for all of the drinks that they have.

rating: 6 out of 10. i would have rated it a 10 but the misleading information that the receptionist gave us made my upbeat mood go down the drain. but for sure, i will definitely go back there. now that we know that for AED175, Heinekens are not allowed. :p

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