chubby’s eyes

Chubby asked me yesterday how I’m going to sell him to his future girlfriends and because i just play fair, i asked for the same. And this is what I got. I hate to say it but all of these are true about me. He just toned some of it down to make me not look like a wicked witch.

who is MiMi thru chubby’s point of view…

She can be a bit of a day dreamer, she has her own little world that she sometimes will go in to.
She is strong but also shows her emotions.
She is very forgiving, when you do something (slightly) wrong she will make you feel worse then you already are, but she will forgive you (well she does me).
Her bad habits are time keeping (which she will deny) and knuckle cracking.
She likes to win silly little games and likes the idea of pissing people off (but in a nice way).
When she wins silly little games she will always say “Yay”
She is sometimes lazy.
She will always play “I am just a little girl” card, guess it must have worked with her Aunt.
She loves her family.
She is smart, she should work as a writer and when she publishes her first book I will definitely be at the book signing with my copy.
She likes to text, and if you don’t reply in time she will send “you’re ignoring me then”, sometimes it will be a joke, sometimes she will mean it.
She would be a good person to walk around the world with (wtf, not sure where that came from)
Her taste in men is not always the best, she sometimes needs taking to one side and saying wtf.
After returning from a 2 week vacation you will want to spend sometime with her, not for the reason that she thinks, but because you know your time will soon be limited and that your really happy for the reason why you won’t have so much time soon, the song thing she will be happy with but she will tell people it was your idea.
She will always expect gifts from your trips and won’t have a problem in reminding you. You will also have to deliver the gift or go and collect hers when she returns.
She hates pain, but she will spend all night pinching you.
She is very loyal.
She knows what’s she likes and sort of knows what she wants.
She eats well
She is one of the best friends you could have, if you get along you got a friend for life. She would be great to be in a relationship with too. Well I am pretty sure of that :p
All in all she will be happy in the future, just make sure you can pronounce her whole name as she will ask you to say it at random times.

Feel free to contact me if you have anymore questions regarding MiMi.




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