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a chubby week

June 25, 2008

Been awhile. 2 days is considered “awhile”. I practically crawl up to my bed as soon as i take my shower when i get  home at night. quickly scanning my mails then doze off as soon as am done answering the mails of “worthy” people. :p

Met up with Chubby yesterday to finally buy the pants with the purple lining on its backpockets. now, he was specific that he wants to have that pants with the purple lining on its backpockets ‘coz he saw one of his friends with that same pants from ted baker. now the question is, am i right to conclude that chubby is actually checking out guy’s behinds to even notice that very faint purple lining of that pant’s backpockets? am i right to conclude that or am i just right?

then the asshole called me up at 2 in the freakin morning to prepare me for the late night drunken calls that is supposedly happening when he goes for vacation starting tomorrow. in return i called him up at 7 in the morning. just to even the scores.

at 2pm today, chubby went back to burjuman to get the altered pants from ted baker. met him up for a hasted coffee trip while he yawns and complains about a headache caused by the rhum from their last night’s drinking spree. such a diva.

so it has been a pretty good week with chubby, which he unselfishly proclaims – all worth it for me to take that bus from burjuman to deira.

on a totally different note, pimple breakout is becoming even worse specially that period is just a week away. (too much information). add to it the late nights, early mornings, heavy make up for the rehearsal, work, house hunting (which until now gives me no leads) bla bla bla bla bla – just about the same things i’ve said on my previous blog. anyhow…… will soon go away. hoping!

As a closing remark…..

Never invest yourself in anything so deeply that its failure could cost you your happiness…..

– n –

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