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Christmas Special

December 15, 2008

As soon as the “ber” months come (starting SeptemBER), the festive season of Christmas can already be felt in the Philippines. Christmas decorations will be abundant, christmas songs will be played, Divisoria/Greenhills (the shopper’s havens) will be packed for those doing their christmas shopping, christmas lanterns will be lit and kids doing their christmas carolings from house to house will be at large.

I miss it.

I miss the 9 nights that we have to complete the evening mass (to which they say if you’ve completed those 9 nights, anything you ask from Him will be granted…. it doesn’t happen to me though, but probably He gives it to me in a different form)

I miss decorating Christmas trees as early as September.

I miss seeing the gifts pile up under that tree as Christmas day gets closer.

I miss the cold weather that we have in the Philippines, it’s more moist – plainly because typhoons will also come during October. Hehehe.

I miss the “Noche Buena” – the family dinner that we do on Christmas eve which always includes ham and spaghetti (for no particular reason).

I miss buying gifts for my “inaanaks” (godsons/goddaughters); nieces and nephews. For some reasons, these kids will be extra sweet and charming to me come December and will always follow anything you ask them to do. (ass-kissers)

I miss buying fire crackers (oh yes we do that) and saving it till New Year’s eve.

I miss waiting for the clock to struck 00:00 for the new year and jumping up and down in time with the banging sounds of the fireworks around you with the belief that it will make you grow taller.

I miss our yearly family reunion on January 1 of each year, lunchtime.

I miss everything about the yuletide season in the Philippines. 🙁

I wonder what am doing this Christmas and New Year here in Dubai. Last year, I can vividly remember that we had some small party at our house but I could not drink the red horse beer that they bought ‘coz I just got out of the hospital then. I was sick both Christmas and New Year’s day. Anyway, am not planning to be sick this year and I hope something interesting will come up for those 2 days.

* hint * hint * hint *


P.S. am not in the mood to do a christmas wishlist this time around. Am a changed person so to speak. :p I hope to see my newly-born niece though within next year. (keeping my fingers crossed!)

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