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Christmas in Dubai

December 22, 2010

I have not posted anything here for a very long time, not that it matters to any of you but well it does to me. Why? I’ve no idea, just that I need to write something here to keep it going. Christmas is just around the corner and I should have written my Christmas wishlist long back BUT I’m too lazy to do that now (or maybe i’m becoming older wiser that’s why)

Mi: where are we going for Christmas eve?
THE BF: why? should we really celebrate it?
Mi: of course!!!!! that’s my favorite holiday of the year!!!!
THE BF: oh my god!!!! i should buy you a present right?

That’s the Greek orthodox christian talking, apparently Christmas is not a big deal for them. Easter is more important for them (which actually makes sense) but anyway, Filipinos are Americanized and it’s the most wonderful time of the year – Christmas that is.

Most of my Filipino friends in Dubai are going back home and those who are left behind are feeling sad that they don’t get to go home on a Christmas, that’s everyone except for me. The Christmas celebration in the Philippines is a lot more nicer than spending it here (Christmas trees will be up by the 1st day of September and be taken down by say around, February) BUT I just hate traditions. I’ve no idea what is it about me and traditions but I just really don’t see the point as to why eating together on a Christmas eve as a family is more special than eating together on a normal day. It’s eating and you’re all together! Exactly the same thing. The only difference is a Christmas song is playing on the background and the Christmas tree is up somewhere in your living room.

PASSENGER: please help me get a flight to manila reaching there before midnight of the 25th… my wife is accusing me that i’m just making this up (flights being full) and that i have someone here that i’d rather spend Christmas eve with.
MI: typical mentality of a psychotic Filipino wife.

I am going to attend an authentic Filipino Christmas party on the 24th though. there will be games (which might be all my idea), booze and karaoke (yes, we do have karaoke singing contest in our parties, so what???). It should be fun.

On New Year, we’re planning to go to Barasti once again. we’ve had a great time last year and I’d bet my ass on it that it’ll be the same this year. With the fireworks of Atlantis hotel and all, the much-awaited fireworks show of the whole of Dubai, it’ll be great!

So now, I leave you a photo of my Christmas and New Year last year.. the holiday season in Dubai isn’t that bad at all:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

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