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Christmas 2009

December 27, 2009

it’s my favorite time of the year – the yuletide season. i always feel excited about it. i don’t know, it seems like people are just generally happy during this festive season. what i like most about it is the presents i get – from my family, friends and santa claus. yes my dear friends, i was a great believer of santa until my childhood friend ruined it for me and told me that he’s not real. my memory is a bit hazy but if i remember it right, i felt suicidal when i learned that he wasn’t real. (my parents tricked me!!!!). until i was like 10 years old, i believed that there was a fat dude magically entering our locked room leaving some knick knacks for me.

so it’s my 3rd christmas here in the sandpit and well i don’t really have any qualms about it. well yes, i do miss the christmas in the philippines (being a predominantly christian country, christmas is a very big thing for us) but thinking of all the “inaanaks”, family and friends that i must give gifts to – i’d rather stay here in dubai away from all of them. hahaha.

different from all the christmases that have gone, i didn’t do any wishlist this year but received quite a handful of gifts still from beloved friends which could have been in my wishlist if i made one. here are the things which i got:

1. the etoile perfume from Alex – now this goes at the top of the list as I really really want this Fragonard perfume.

2. a scarf from my landlord – haha! now, who’s got a landlord who gives you christmas presents???? and he’s not even a christian! haha!

3. a handbag from ate loi – i got this from the exchange gift we had during our christmas party

4. still waiting for something from Greece. woop woop! :p

5. a necklace from my roomate

apart from the gifts (which i didn’t ask) there were a lot of other party invites during christmas eve. the best and most extravagant would be the Burj Al Arab dinner for 8 courtesy of Steve. i’m not a “posh” girl and getting confused with all the spoons and forks around a very expensive china is really not my idea of a festive Christmas. i normally just eat with my hands, so dining at the 7-star hotel is really not my thing.

i spent the eve with my ex-housemates in Deira, which was a so-so party until we played “pinoy henyo”. what the mechanics of the game is, don’t ask me. it’s hilarious though. :p

the next day, the actual Christmas day i received a call from honeypie that they’re going to have a filipino dinner buffet at the Landmark hotel. since i have nothing to do but watch reruns of Grey’s Anatomy i went ahead and filled my stomach with kare-kare, daing na bangus and bulalo. yummy! afterwards, we tried to burn this calorie-intake by walking around Dubai Mall and be amazed once more by their musical fountain. after the much-awaited “Time To Say Goodbye” musical fountain show, we called it a night. thanks to them for salvaging my should-have-been really boring christmas.

cookie - mimi - honeypie

so anyway, that’s just about it for me – how was your christmas?

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