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Christmas ’08

December 27, 2008

Started the festive season 24th night. Met up with Chubby and he insisted that we get a slice of pizza first since he’s pretty sure that he will not like the Filipino food that will be served on our party. (he may probably still be thinking that we’ll serve him dog or bugs or whatever). Afterwards, I bought a gift for the baby for our exchange gift. The budget was AED50, but upon seeing teletubbies’ Lala dancing with her hands moving up and down while she sings when you press her hands, I was thrilled and decided that it’ll be my christmas present for the baby. The price was 4x the budget, but that’s me and my compulsive shopping ability. Then we headed towards our house, ate dinner, started drinking the vodka and had chubby guess all the people’s ages present at the party. Hehe. Then we had our exchange gift and chubby may have been shocked to see that everybody’s taking photos of everybody. I actually forgot how many cameras were there but I did felt like a celebrity and paparazzis swarming around me. Anyway, I think he enjoyed it as he was the center of attention that night. Everybody wanted to take a photo with him and he happily clinged on to everybody. For sure he was waiting for that “group hug” to happen. A guy surrounded with all Filipina women, how lucky can you be? Apparently, he attracts 50-something Filipino ladies (and vice-versa), too bad that the lady is leaving in 3-days time – as what chubby said…. “It was not meant to be…” It was a good party, specially after Crispy Pata was served and I could not help but massacre the pork leg for crispy parts and Chubby keeps on telling me to stop eating. I was too tired and a bit drunk after the party that 10seconds after my back laid flat on the bed I was already snoring.
Met up with DenDen and MonMon the next day at Jumeira Beach Residence and had lunch at chilli’s. I have not seen them for the past 3 weeks so it was a good idea that we met on Christmas day to make up for the lost times. Nothing has changed really, except that MonMon won USD4,000 and a trip for 2 in Thailand for 5 days (inclusive of airfare and hotel) and we’re just helping her how to spend the USD4,000. Such good friends we are. There’s the shopping spree for the 3 of us, USD1,000 for me, USD1,000 for DenDen and USD2,000 for MonMon. Fair enough right? Anyway, we were planning when to take the Thailand vacation and decided that it won’t be January (as it’s a little too soon), that it won’t be February (as MonMon is going home for vacation and that it may probably be April or May.
After the Christmas lunch, headed to Al ain to attend a Christmas dinner (no wonder am getting fatter, but what the heck! It’s a holiday, people are supposed to feast on food and regret after the season). It was the typical western dinner to which am not very keen of. Hehehe. Turkey, sausage, carrots, cauliflower and the likes. Totally different from the the-more-grease-the-better-it-taste Filipino foods that we served the night before. Haha. Nevertheless, I still had a great time. Specially since the food keeps on coming.
Day after christmas, spent most of it on the couch sleeping, waking up, eating pizza and sleeping again, waking up again and eating pizza again.
All in all, it’s a great holiday for me. Until I received a call……
Felt too much guilt for having such a great time that little do I know, someone close to me is suffering somewhere. We cannot take back the lost times, all I can hope for now is that am not yet too late to make up for it….. I was too stubborn and too selfish to pay attention, I hate myself for it.
Am very sorry…… 🙁

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