Cheap And Chic On A Nightshift

Just when everybody else seems to be going home from an overtime shift from their… well, NORMAL lives. Just when everybody else seem to be hurrying and rushing to catch that last MRT trip, looking haggard after a hard day of work. And just when everybody else seem to have that expression of RELIEF on their faces since the day has just ended for them, I AM OFF TO WORK. My day is just about to start.

I got off the bus from an express trip to Manila from Laguna and made my way thru a maze of commuters at the MRT station trying to squeeze themselves in on this long queue. Thankfully, I wasn’t one of them. I am as fresh as a morning breeze, fresh from a 10-hr sleep. 🙂 The business district of Makati is in full bloom at this hour, 9pm to be exact. City lights are in full blast, glorieta 4’s billboards can be seen from afar, cars honking their horns all over the Ayala Ave. and a lot of pedestrians, yuppies just like me off to work.

With the earphones plugged in my ears, I let the moment sink in to me. It’s a like an MTV right in front of me. This is actually how it feels to be on a graveyard shift. You get a bit euphoric at first since you know that by sacrificing valuable hours of your day and getting this dreaded graveyard shift, there is a corresponding monetary value in return. Am not very good in Math as many of you know, but it’s easy for me to say that I’ll be getting a LOT and i mean A LOT on payday. (can’t wait!!!!)

I already made a mental note on the things that I’d like to do and buy with that salary. Not a good practice I know, but hey! Can’t help it. I still owe my friends from Travelex a despedida dinner, so it’s at the top of my list. (hello superstars!!! :)) So far, the change has been good for me. New faces, great batch and most of all, new FRIENDS. As I neared the RCBC building, I saw a glimpse of my new home just across it. That blue and gray building at the corner of Ayala and Gil Puyat Avenues. I am reporting for work at 10pm, officially I am now a call center agent. And enjoying every minute of it. 🙂


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