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Change of heart.

October 15, 2011

I’m not really much into kids. I have mentioned that a lot of times. In fact, I think I didn’t like myself at all when I was a kid myself. Anyway, as ironic as it seems, I am living with one. A year old kid. My flatmates may have noticed my lack of interest towards the baby from day one as I was never the kind to pick the kid up and play with him for just a little while – it’s not that I hate him it’s just that I’m afraid I would crush him or worst yet, drop him – being the clumsy girl that I am. It would’ve been a relief if I can just pay for the kid if ever I did that (once broken it’s considered sold), but what if they ask me to bring forth a child in exchange? * grin *

But somehow, this little man that I am living with seems to be fascinated about my lack of interest in him. He is, indeed, a male. 🙂 Whenever I arrive home from work, he would give me this really big smile (sometimes with a screech) like he’s happy that I’ve arrived for him to try to work out his charms on me again. He would go directly in front of my room and wait for me to open it so he can explore this new territory for about 2 minutes before his nanny drags him out of my room. Lately though, I am finding him hard to resist – I think his charms finally worked on me. I mean come on! Who can resist this little man’s smile???

Not very sure what I did but he seems to be fascinated by it.

Little man observing how I do my fish kiss.

He started talking, this gibberish talk that only him can understand. He also recently found out that he can screech like a mad woman and would usually practice it every morning, 10 minutes before my alarm clock sets off. Thankfully enough, I still haven’t had the urge to strangle him whenever he wakes me up in the morning. Because seriously, how can you strangle this kid????

So now I’ve realized that I’m not as heartless I thought I was when it comes to kids. I won’t be the evil mother (which usually applies to stepmothers I suppose) or the wicked witch of the west that I thought I would be. Maybe I have matured or maybe this kid made me change my mind about kids.

Little Man and MiMi

Disclaimer: The above post doesn’t necessarily mean that I have changed my mind about having kids. The post merely states that I am ok now with being around kids. As of this moment, I still cannot fathom the idea of another human being coming out of my vajayjay. Capeesh!

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