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November 5, 2008

So yes! My bet has won!!!! Change has come to the US of A. I hope it will be. I have seen the acceptance speech of the 44th president of USA and I, too, though not a US citizen nor do I live there, have felt the enormous pride and joy of those people who have voted for him. I had goosebumps while watching it. haha! Today, the Americans have totally destroyed that belief that they are not yet ready for a black president, they have debunked racism which a lot of people from other nations believed to exist in their country. America is ready for a change. But is Obama ready to take over? –¬† two wars, a planet in peril, the worst financial crisis in a century, well at least he admitted that it will be a steep climb. ūüôā We’ll see what happens in due course of time. I certainly hope that the war and financial crisis will be the priority of his term. I am against the war and I am against terrorism as well – but between the war and terrorism I think I’ll veto on the latter. I know a lot of Americans who are pro to this war and I could not blame them, they themselves have suffered the 9-11 attack and numerous others, so I am in no position to say that they are merciless and just want to prove the world who’s the greater country. But is it not better to allocate the “war-funds” to a better, more pro-life agendas where everybody can gain something from? I know the US financial crisis have had an adverse effect to my country’s economy and others. So, just a thought of someone whose voice is not so important to listen to, i think it would be better to allocate those funds to bringing back the glory to the US economy. And so the other countries can start from there. :p

Speaking of the economy setback,¬†we too, here in Dubai¬†are affected. Not because of economic reasons but more on work-issues. A lot of the industries in Europe are undergoing retrenchment some are even declaring bankruptcy and the employees from there are applying jobs in Dubai. It fears most of the people who have worked their asses off for their respective¬†companies for a long time now. And being in Dubai, which I think is the most racist place on earth (only in Dubai will you see an ad for a job opening which says – “only UK-educated applicants are accepted” which does not really mean just to be “educated” but you have to be white as well, they just don’t want to be so blunt about it) all of them will get the higher paying jobs while those colored people who have worked for so many years¬†for the same company¬†will never get promoted. I think Dubai needs Obama. :p hehehe.

But anyway, am just glad that Obama won. Yay!!!! :p

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  • Reply galatea234 November 5, 2008 at 09:05

    why thank you! ūüôā

  • Reply jackcoleme November 5, 2008 at 08:24

    A woman with beauty and substance is such a difficult find nowadays that I can’t help but feel proud that one of them is a kabayan here in Dubai. Keep up the good work girl and hope to exchange opinions with you one of these days!

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