Chamas Churrascaria and Bar

We were in Abu Dhabi this weekend and were trying to explore this city more (read: restaurant hopping). Normally, we usually save the main event for dinner and the boyfriend asked me if I’d like to try Brazilian. Well, that’s new. I’ve never really had Brazilian food before except maybe for rice? 🙂 I immediately said yes and then researched about this particular restaurant, timeoutabudhabi was not much of help so I settled on tripadvisor. Most of the reviews came in the lines of: “it’s too pricey and not at all worth it”, “the service isn’t so good” and “the food isn’t so great”. However, most of the reviewers mentioned that the idea of this restaurant is refreshing and original – with those two words I was convinced to try it.

We booked a table for 2 for 9pm on a Saturday as it’s been mentioned several times that the place tends to get busy and that a reservation is required. The Chamas staff informed us as well that there is a promotion going on for that day, the rate is AED325 for 2 people instead of AED275 per person (excluding drinks) so we were extremely happy with this deal. The idea of the restaurant is to feed you with as much meat that you can handle. There is no menu, the servers were walking around the place with skewers on their hand and cutting a piece of meat for you to put on your plate. Before the flow of meat begins though, they will give you a round-shaped card which has two different colors on each side – red and green. Put up the color green on your table and the meat will keep on coming but if you’ve had enough of it and can feel your highblood pressure rising up, then you can put up the red color of the card which makes the servers stray away from your table. We were told by our very informative and efficient server that we will be served 15 kinds of meat (beef, lamb and chicken) and shame on us for giving up on the 7th round. I was not even able to taste the grilled pineapple, a must-try as per the reviewers, as I can already feel my tummy bursting if I put some more food in it. All of the meat served were tender and juicy except for the lamb, I didn’t like the lamb meat. It tasted like wood to me, the boyfriend on the other hand, loved it. On top of the free-flow of meat, they have a salad bar which is a self-service kind and part of the price you’ve paid as well. They also gave us this amazing cheese bread with fried finger foods as appetizer and as part of the main meal, they gave us rice and beans to share.

Was it pricey? Nope, for AED325 for 2 people with a free-flow of meat – it wasn’t so bad.
Was the service bad? Not at all, the meat keep on coming and we didn’t feel like they’ve neglected us as some of the reviewers experienced.
Was the food great? Oh yes but I would have to say that you’ll have to finish the meat as soon as it was put on your plate otherwise, it will no longer be juicy as compared to when it was hot.
Will I go back? Definitely but next time, I’ll probably not eat for the whole day to make the most out of it.

Chamas Churrascaria & Bar
Intercontinental Hotel Abu Dhabi
02 666 6888




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