Day 1: Arrived at the Centennial airport around 6am together with Yayo and Danika, hoping we could catch the 0730 flight. Hopeful, but time wasn’t on our side. We used our FOC (Free of Charge) ticket for this trip and it was a long weekend, not to mention the ongoing SEA Games in Cebu at the time. Genius!!!! To cut the story short we weren’t able to catch the 0730 flight but the 0930 flight instead. Woo hoo!

Upon arrival in Mactan Airport, we looked for a place to spend this 3-day trip in Cebu and found the cozyness of Casa Rosario Pension House perfect to our taste. The room which consists of 1 king-size bed and a single bed costs Php1050 per night. Clean and good-smelling, for a pension house, it really is a good catch. Lorenz, a Cebu-branch officemate and our tour guide for this trip picked us up and brought us back to the airport. (???) Weird but true. We had to help him assist a group of passengers going to Manila, not that am complaining since it’s my account. Hehehe.

Anyways, we went to Double A restaurant afterwards and had our dinner. The food was great and best part of it was, it’s really really cheap! Cebu’s version of DAMPA in Paranaque. Moving on, we went to Handuraw, the hotspot for all you live-music lovers. Much to Yayo’s disappointment, it was a non-smoking bar. So we settled in a make-shift watering hole just outside the bar. You can easily distinguish a non-Cebuano/as when you go out at night in Cebu. These aliens will be holding a San Mig Light in one hand and a Winston Lights/MArlboro Lights on the other. While the locals, men and women alike, will be holding a bottle of Red Horse in one hand and a Marlboro Red/Winston Red on the other. Kewl! We capped the night off with a bottle of iced tea at Kahayag Cafe.

Day 2: Our tour guide was late. We we’re supposed to meet at 10am, Lorenz arrived at around 11. Anyways, taking the advice of Faye, our new Cebuana friend from the night before, we had our lunch at Casa Verde which she said serves the best baby back ribs. True!!!! After that sumptous meal, we had our Cebu City Tour.

First stop was Sto. Nino church, also known as Bassilica Minore del Sto. Nino. I remember seeing this church in my history books, tagged as the oldest church in the Philippines. Just beside the church is the Magellan’s Cross, Cebu’s most famous landmark. I was a bit disappointed upon seeing it, I thought it will be all glorious and grand. But much to my dismay, it was not as grand as I thought it would be. We had our picture taken anyway.

Next stop was Taoist Temple in Beverly Hills. Visitors can climb the 99 steps to the temple where they can have their futures read and light some candlesticks believed to give you fortune or whatever it is that you wish to have. 🙂 The temple also offers a breathtaking view of the entire city. We went to Tabuan afterwards, to buy danggit and dried squid. Ayala Center was our next stop, had our dose of caffeine at Starbucks. (“The who???”) We had our dinner at Larsian, a place lined with a number of barbecue stands. Take your pick! 🙂 We then went to K1, a videoke bar where you can sing your guts out. It’s much like Music 21 here in Manila. Private rooms and all. After singing the famed ALONE by heart, we capped the night off. :-p

Day 3: Bye Bye Cebu. All in all, if not for the company I’ve got to travel with me during this trip, this would have been easily forgotten. The best thing about Cebu is the warmth and friendliness of its people. The lifestyle is also new to me. It’s a little laidback, casual and time seems to be slower in this place. I enjoyed this trip not because of the spots I went to, but because of the people am with who made this trip a whole lot better. Lingaw!!!!


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  • galatea234 April 19, 2007 at 22:32

    But much to our delight, Red horse taste so much better in Cebu. I wonder why…. 🙂

    • Raoul December 12, 2013 at 09:05

      Agree! 🙂

  • Raoul Vecina April 10, 2007 at 19:24

    Hi!…Im a Cebuano now a 15-year Canadian resident, yes a agree i used to be a RedHorse drinker sa una sa diha pa ako nagpuyo sa Cebu City. Now everytime i visit my hometown its SanMig Light as my choice…..Raoul (AirCanada,Vancouver)

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