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Italy, Rome

Rome, Italy: Le Terme Del Colosseo

March 19, 2014
Le Terme Del Colosseo Rome Italy
As a part of our Trafalgar tour, we were brought for dinner to Le Terme Del Colosseo in Rome on our first night. Indeed, it was a great way to start your tour of Italy. I have seen a lot bad reviews about this restaurant on tripadvisor and I must agree with some of the comments about this place being a tourist trap. Well it is, but in a good way. Where else can you find a restaurant which gives you an opera perform

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Italy, Rome

Things To Do in Rome: Visit the Holiest Catholic Site – St Peter’s Basilica

January 19, 2014
St Peter's Basilica in Vatican Rome
Now how do I even describe St Peter’s Basilica ? Where do I begin? Am I even allowed to do that? Me, a lowly person – to describe the greatest church in the whole history of Christianity? I’ll sure try but I assure you, whatever I’m going to tell you right now and whatever photos I will post – doesn’t even come close to what you will actually see/feel if you go there yourself.

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Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy: Ristorante I Tre Pini

January 15, 2014
Ristorante I Tre Pini
Which restaurant served me the best steak? Without even thinking twice, I’d say Ristorante I Tre Pini in Florence, Italy. As part of our Trafalgar tour, we had the option to dine in Ristorante I Tre Pini located in the enchanting hills of Chianti. A life-altering advice that I can give you is this: if you ever had the opportunity to visit this place, never EVER and I mean EVER miss it. You shouldn’t e

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Italy, Venice

Things To Do in Venice: Feel the love in this romantic city.

January 12, 2014
Venice, Italy
Venice leaves me speechless, I am always in complete awe every time I visit this place. It’s romantic, unique, lovely, beautiful and enigmatic. Just by being in Venice itself will leave you breathless. The city triggers all your senses – your smell as you inhale the Venetian air with a hint of a pizza dough from a nearby pizzeria, your sight as you bask in the beauty of the architecture that surrounds

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Things To Do In Lake Garda: Be One With Nature

January 5, 2014
Lake Garda
Lake Garda is one of those places that I’ve been dying to go back to since I’ve seen it. I went there with the Trafalgar group last November of 2011 and it was winter that time. Lake Garda is a summer destination so I don’t really see the point of still having that in the itinerary when you can’t even enjoy it fully. It’s like a laser pointer to a cat – seeing it but you can

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Italy, Rome

Things To Do in Rome: Relive The History of The Roman Colosseum

August 22, 2013
Colosseum, Rome, Italy
Rome was one of the first four cities I visited the very first time I traveled alone to Europe (along with Paris, Florence and Munich) and the Roman Colosseum excited me the most about that trip. You see when I was still in school, World History really piqued my interest – Rome’s in particular and I was on a high when I realized that I am on my way to see one of the greatest architecture of the Roman em

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