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March 3, 2012

I’ve met the crazy gal friend earlier. Well, she’s no longer crazy now. In fact, I think I’ve told her a dozen or so times tonight that the life she leads these days is so pathetic it’ll probably bore me to death if it was mine. You see, during the first 2 years of my stay here in Dubai, we used to go out every single night. Not to chase men but just to have a clean, revved up fun. And when I say every single night I really meant EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT, like a Sunday to Sunday thing, we never really cared if we needed to work the next day. It went on and on until one of us had to leave the beautiful city of Dubai and then it stopped, so abruptly that we didn’t even know how and why it happened. Well ok, I’m not exactly telling you the truth. We know why it stopped, because we became too old for all those things.

So earlier this evening, we finally met again after nearly a year of not seeing each other. We went to Thiptara, the Thai restaurant at The Palace hotel which I must say serves the best Thai cuisine in the city. Add to it the fact that you have the whole view of the musical Dubai fountain. Very romantic ambiance I must say, too bad the boyfriend is not fond of Thai cuisine otherwise I would’ve used my Entertainer voucher with him. Well not that we benefited from the voucher earlier because they didn’t accept it. Boo hoo. Apparently, a pad thai is just a side order for them and not a main course (the voucher is buy one main course and get the other free). Since when is a pad thai not considered a main course???

Anyhoots, the 2-hour dinner was not enough for us to catch up with our lives so we went to Left Bank after dinner to have a few drinks (well I had an iced tea) to continue on with our gossiping. While there, the guy from the other table, a tourist from Cyprus, started talking to us – not in an intrusive, arrogant way. Just plainly curious of what we’re up to. Well, if there’s a lesson I must impart to all you young ladies out there, here’s one: when in a bar, do not act like a desperate, gold-digger chasing men to buy you some drinks. Just be your classy, intellectual (so to speak) self because that friendly tourist from the other table might be so amused of your kindness of letting him use your staff discount that he’d offer to pay for your whole tab as well. Well, I did tell him not to do that but he insisted and walked away with the server. We didn’t even have to make up fake phone numbers as he never asked for it. He just, well, paid for it without asking for anything in return. Not a phone number, not even a name. Men, it’s always reverse psychology for their species I suppose. Or maybe, just maybe, we still might have the charisma of making someone pay for our drinks without asking for it. Charisma or black magic? I don’t really know.

So yes, it wasn’t a very bad night for both me and the crazy gal friend. We’re planning to do it again – this catching up thing, during the Russel Peters show in Dubai. What? You don’t know who Russel Peters is???? What are you? A caveman?

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