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cash flows… (or lack of it)

June 6, 2008

so am looking at the bank statement online now, what the hell did i purchase for AED800 last may26????? and another one purchase for AED700???? how many times did i sign for a POS slip for this month? i don’t remember making purchases of that amount… oh well, i need to keep the receipts now. (what???? i don’t keep my receipts????)

so, i really really need to be a wise-spender now. not knowing where the AED800 came from is not really wise i suppose. so am broke now. can somebody please adopt me????

not that i have no money totally, but i have no money on  hand. for some unexplainable reason, i “accidentally” (please note the stress on the word ACCIDENTALLY) transferred most of my salary to an account to which i can’t make any withdrawals for the next 3 months. talk about being an idiot! big time.

so seriously, am having trouble with the cash flows (not that there is much to flow out of my account). i don’t bring my credit cards anymore, but i do have the debit card. which is worst i think as cash is literally taken out of your account instantly.

so anyways, am broke. let’s go shopping!

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  • Reply galatea234 June 27, 2008 at 16:25

    hahahaha. odd as it may seem, but yes…. haha!

  • Reply Wendi June 26, 2008 at 18:25

    Isn’t if funny how being broke makes you depressed which in turn make you want to shop! It is a vicious cycle.

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