Carlos Santana in Dubai – Noemi was here.

So at the very last minute, I found out that I can actually go to the Santana concert. I was sulking about not being able to go because I have nobody to drag to it. I suddenly miss my friends back in the Philippines, at the top of my head – I know Em will gladly go with me. She probably might know about the concert before anyone else does. So when I received the invitation – I was ecstatic!!!! I thought tickets were already sold out, but totally forgot about black markets.

Anyway, after all the detours taken (which weren’t due to the road constructions all over Dubai), after finding the Mont Blanc store in Festival City and after falling in line to get food for ourselves, we still managed to be at the concert venue on time. Don’t ask me how. Haha!

As expected, the legendary guitarist was awesome. He gives that impression that playing the guitar that good is just as easy as picking your nose. I enjoyed the whole show. Who wouldn’t??? So thanks to the Pilot (not his real name and definitely not his job, thank God for that!!! :p) for extending the invitation to me. Also for reminding me the very first rule my mother told me – Never talk to strangers. – the gutsy girl.

The morning after…

Woke up at 7am feeling like a whole building has been constructed right on top of me. Very heavy. I failed to mention earlier that I also went to the gym for the very first time yesterday before the concert. I attended the body pump class without knowing that it involves weight lifting. What was I thinking? I’ve never lifted anything heavier than my purse. Afterwards, I went to the body balance class – a combination of tai chi, pilates and yoga. Plus the fact that I was wearing a shoes with 3 friggin’ inches during the concert. Add to it, we walked for – oh! About a mile, trying to find where we parked the car. So combine it all, the result will be – a whole body ache. Nice!!!!

On a totally different note – it’s 16th of Feb!!!!!! One more sleep then am off to my vacation. The stud is coming to town!!!! Woo hoo!!! Very very excited!!!!! Hehehe. So, just to double check that everything’s in order:

– Desert Safari reservation – check!
– Marhaba DIAMOND and a little bit of GOLD service – check!
– dresses for the night out parties – check!
– Panadol for the headache after the parties – check!
– approved leave for 2 days – check!

YAY!!!!!! Exciting!!!! I am finally getting a life. Haha!


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