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Canadian Lobster Promotion at JW Steakhouse, Doha Marriott Hotel

April 17, 2016
JW Steakhouse, Doha Marriott, PinayFlyingHigh.com

I’m on day 6 of my diet. I know, sounds stupid right? I’m not refraining myself from eating specific food though, I’m not that crazy thankyouverymuch. I’m eating everything and anything but these days, in moderation. Portion control is what I’m going for with this diet and I have to say, as hard as it is for me to do – I do feel a bit better since I started it. I no longer feel so bloated after a meal and I now eat everything slowly, enjoying each bite.

And then an invitation to try the Canadian Lobster All-You-Can-Eat promotion pinged in my inbox (dammit!). The universe is testing me. Why now when I’m trying my very best to keep my muffin top from bursting out of my jeans? Of course I said yes, because lobsters. That beautiful and highly prized marine crustacean with edible meat which tastes oh so good and had calories to boot (depending on how many lobsters you’ll eat). What’s my game plan? Lots and lots of water before dinner time and crossed fingers while dining.

JW Steakhouse, Doha Marriott, PinayFlyingHigh.com

We arrived at JW Steakhouse quite late, Saturday traffic was worst than the usual. It was my first time to be there, such a shame because I’ve heard so many good things about this restaurant. Having bagged the Best Steakhouse in Doha title, I think it’s high time for us to try it out finally. Menu was handed to us which basically just served as our guide of what we’re about to devour.

First came the lobster bisque which I think was the best soup I’ve ever had. Creamy, flavorful, a little buttery with chunks of lobster meat in it. The Greek Mister dipped chunks of bread in it and let the bread absorb the tasty bisque before putting it in his mouth with a loud “MMMMMMMMMM” as he enjoyed it. I of course did the same, we’re barbaric I know.

JW Steakhouse, Doha Marriott, PinayFlyingHigh.com

Then came the lobster salad with a huge chunk of lobster tail and crispy, fried claws. I loved the crab mayonnaise which came along with it too, added a creamy texture to the lobster meat itself. After finishing my portion of this salad, I was seriously full. Part of me was happy about it because, you know, diet while the other part of me (the fat one) felt so bad because the party has not even started and yet, I’m already full.

JW Steakhouse, Doha Marriott, PinayFlyingHigh.com

The fat one won though but can you blame me? How can one resist the beauty of this grilled lobster waiting for me to eat it? Only a fool would skip this meal and I am no fool, contrary to what other people say of me. A homemade thick cut fries was served along with it which I had to skip (read: ate only a few pieces instead of finishing the whole serving). Seriously, this lobster is so delicious I think it was Poseidon himself who raised it.

JW Steakhouse, Doha Marriott, PinayFlyingHigh.com

We also got to try a lobster thermidor which I’m not a huge fan of. Nothing against how it was prepared by JW Steakhouse, it’s just that I’m generally not a big fan of lobster thermidor. I prefer my lobster prepared as it was intended to – no creams, no sauce, no other flavors added except for the lobster meat taste itself. Plus, I could feel the added inches on my waist after each and every bite I took from it so I didn’t finish my portion. The Greek Mister on the other hand, finished all of his.

JW Steakhouse, Doha Marriott, PinayFlyingHigh.com

The waiter cleared the table and asked “do you want some more lobsters?” to which we replied with NO! in unison. It’s a shame really, I know someday I will look back to this day and feel bad for not making the most out of the eat-all-you-can lobsters.

We had desserts next, I had an apple pie with vanilla ice cream and while it was good, I would prefer to have the apple pie a bit warmer than how it was served to me. I only finished half of it though, because… diet.

JW Steakhouse, Doha Marriott, PinayFlyingHigh.com

So what’s the verdict? Food was great, service was impeccable and ambiance was superb HOWEVER, I personally think the set menu was too heavy and too lobster-centric. Well, it’s a lobster promotion after all so what the hell am I complaining about right? As much as I love lobsters, I personally wouldn’t have a lobster bisque or a lobster salad as my appetizer and then have lobster again as my main course. I probably would just have a lobster bisque and possibly another non-lobster dish as my main course. To be very honest, the lobster bisque was so rich and so good that I think I can eat it as my full meal. I’ll just order extra bread.

JW Steakhouse, Doha Marriott, PinayFlyingHigh.com

If you’re going to look at the price as it is, it looks expensive but a single portion of their Omani lobster costs QR295 which I think is cheaper than the Canadian lobster that they’re having a promotion for. If you think of it this way then it is actually reasonably priced but I personally wouldn’t pay that amount plainly because the combination of dishes in their set menu is not really ideal for me. I’d definitely order each dishes separately but not all together in one meal. That’s just me though.

Other than that, every single dish was superbly done! It was definitely a great and very tasty meal. Compliments to the Chef and the amazing staff of JW Steakhouse.

Canadian lobster promotion is valid for the whole month of April. If you’re a lobster fan, you shouldn’t miss this deal.

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JW Steakhouse, Doha Marriott, PinayFlyingHigh.com

I was a guest of Doha Marriott during this meal at JW Steakhouse however as always, photos are my own and opinions stated are genuine and in no way influenced.

JW Steakhouse
Doha Marriott Hotel
Tel No. 44298499
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  • Reply Mitzie Mee April 17, 2016 at 19:05

    I tried a similar all-lobster meal in Japan, including a lobster that was still alive, while people ate its tail, which made me lose my appetite:/ Even though none of the lobsters you had were alive, I still understand that lobster OD feeling, but at least they didn’t serve lobster for dessert:)
    Mitzie Mee recently posted…Hong Kong: Sai Kung Country Park – A very scary hikeMy Profile

    • Reply Pinay Flying High April 17, 2016 at 19:42

      Lobster cake? Lobster icecream? Thankfully they didn’t. :p

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