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July 27, 2008

that am in love with the guy on this video…..

It’s Zinedine Zidane, a footballer/soccer player or whatever the hell it is that they call it. A friend sent me this link and i was in love for sure at first sight. Am sorry but I really know zilch about football/soccer, kill me now as I have missed half my life for having seen him just this afternoon. Ehehehe. This is actually the third time that I have fancied someone famous. There was of course Richard Gere, need I say more about him? That guy never age. Then there was Shawn “the heartbreak kid” Michaels, laugh your asses off but I was just a kid then and have clearly passed that “shawn-stage” already. Believe me! Please Please Please! Then there was a short-lived fascination towards Will Smith, not as serious as that of Richard Gere and Shawn Michaels though and here comes Zidane….. Hahayyyyyyyy….. Can I just kiss him and die now???? Wehehehe. What is up with Zidane???

1. The guy apparently stands 6  ft and an inch! 5 ft and 10in is actually my ideal height for a guy, the reason being is am standing 5ft 7in tall so with a guy who’s got the ideal height, i can wear my 3-inched-shoes/sandals. So, if the guy is a 6footer – whoa!!!!! It’s like extra nuts in my jamoca almond fudge. An added bonus to an already perfect package. A mojito while you bask under the sun of a caribean beach.

2. He’s got style. The clothes that he’s wearing on the video is more than perfect. I have no idea what it is with men and suits but I am attracted to men in suits. Haha! I don’t like the extra craps like the bow tie or necktie. A plain shirt inside the suit plus a casual pants (a jeans would have been better) is like…….. i don’t know, am just attracted to men in suits. Hehehehehe. Specially if the guy wearing it is tall, it kinda brings the “authoritative” look which is oh so sexy!

3. He’s  got confidence. The way he walks, the way he moves – everything about him screams C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-C-E.

4. He’s got a cute smirk (or was it a smile?). Smirk is more mysterious, so I say it’s a smirk. Just because…. 😀

5. According to my research, he had a confrontation with an Italian player – Marco Materazzi which stirred a big havoc in the history of that sport. Apparently Materazzi insulted Zidane’s sister which led to the latter’s temper being heated up and headbutted Materazzi. Am not exactly sure if it was true but I want to believe him because am biased and i love him. (is Materazzi as cute as Zidane? might change my mind though…. haha!). Anyway, he’s a knight in shining armor complete with his glorious white horse.

Oh well……….

Where art thou Zidane???? Sucks big time that he’s married (like I have a chance! haha!).

* silly grin on my face now as i watch for the last time the video before i go to sleep…. 😀 *

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