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Busy Weekend. Yay

October 21, 2008

Went to watch that 88mm movie of Al Pacino last night and I must say, that was the worst AL PACINO movie in his entire career. I mean for crying out loud, it’s Al Pacino – the godfather, scent of a woman, devil’s advocate bla bla bla. The plot was very bad, very very bad acting from B-list hollywood actors and as well as Al Pacino himself and bad twist. There is actually no twist at all. Pointless. I should have watched eagle eye then (which i have been dying to see for about a month now). blah!

Anyway, tomorrow’s the big day and am planning to hang out with (whoelse?) monmon and denden (gives me a chuckle everytime i write or say their name as it is, it’s all toph toph’s fault, or is it my fault?). we’re planning to go and have some “social drinks” at jumeira beach hotel or barasti or madinat or the apartment or emirates tower or buddha bar or……. i don’t know. but for sure we’re going somewhere and photos will be posted the very next day. ahahaha. i love my ladies. 🙂

last night, i had my “ooooops! i did it again” moments. am so sorry. i have met too many wankers in dubai and though you’re very “likeable” i am still having that doubt that you may be just like them. you can’t blame me, blame [insert names of wankers here]. it’s my own self-preservation tactic. sorry……….

enough said. this weekend is so full on. yiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!! let me have a look:

Wednesday: celebration of my big day with monmon and denden.

Thursday: a tentative schedule of nightout with monmon and denden (am going out with these ladies too much, probably that’s the reason why i can’t have a boyfriend)

Friday: our office’s staff party, it will be fun. all of the staff of our company will be sent to a “secret” place. but there’s been a leakage that the party will be held at a desert somewhere. it’s free transportation, free dinner, entertainment (am so looking forward to that singing contest which my friend has gotten himself into, can’t wait to laugh my ass off when he goes onstage) and i get to see my sheikh zayed colleagues who i have surely missed. (hi honey and marissa!)

Saturday: Lufthansa’s oktoberfest, good times. good times. i’ll be a gate crasher as i no longer belong to HRG and our department’s oktoberfest party was set for last week. but HRG people are just so much fun last year so i asked the HRG supervisor if i can attend their party instead of ours and he immediately said “ok”. again, hi honey and marissa!

Right, i wonder how am i going to survive next week’s work.

oh! and i’ll be having my training on the last week of october so yey! no work for me next week. woohoo!!!!!!

on top of all these things, i was feeling all shitty at work earlier because of too many errors i have committed for the past few days when i got a surprise visit from my very good friend. Alex!!!!!!! i have missed this wanker and since he can’t be here tomorrow for my birthday, he already gave me his gift. never fails. yay!

so starting tomorrow, i’ll be wearing a new perfume. woo hoo!!!!!!

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