The Entertainer Qatar: Business Lunch at The Cellar, Oryx Rotana Doha

The Cellar, Oryx Rotana Doha

I’m thrilled to see all the new establishments added to The Entertainer Qatar App this month and more for next year. Like the city of Doha itself, the app is growing and it’s just a matter of time before every single establishments here in Doha would be a part of it just like in Dubai (at least it feels like it in Dubai). I can’t wait for that to happen seriously, why pay full price if you can pay less right?

Anyway, seeing that most (if not all) of the restaurants in Oryx Rotana Hotel is already a part of it made me all the more excited. That means 2 for 1 vouchers in one of my favorite restaurants in the city – The Cellar. Like a teaser for what’s in store for us, a business lunch voucher at The Cellar is included as a monthly offer for November.

I can’t possibly pass up on that so my friend AM and I rearranged our business lunch schedule for this month and included The Cellar in it. Yes, we’re currently on a mission to try out all (if we can) the business lunches in the city every Tuesday. We’re doing a great job I must say.

Priced at QR95 per person, the business lunch menu at The Cellar gives you a great value for money. Just like all the other business lunches in the city, it comes with an appetizer, main course and dessert or tea/coffee. Drinks of course are to be paid separately.

The Cellar, Oryx Rotana Doha

An ipad which serves as their menu was handed over to us as soon as we were sat. It was quite busy when we arrived, probably the busiest restaurant we’ve ever visited for a business lunch which frankly, came to us as a surprise. As I browsed through their business lunch menu, I noticed something different about it. Unlike the other business lunches we’ve had which only offers maximum three dishes for each course, The Cellar had a lots of options which for me isn’t a good thing. I can never decide what to take if I am presented with so many options. I wanted to try everything!

The Cellar, Oryx Rotana Doha

It took both AM and I awhile to finally decide what to have for each course. I particularly had a hard time deciding what to have for my main course since everything sounded so perfect for my grumbling stomach. When we’ve finally sorted out our fickle minds, we placed our orders and everything arrived in a timely manner. For my appetizers, I chose to have spinach and goat cheese salad which was also AM’s choice.

The Cellar, Oryx Rotana Doha

I’m not really a fan of cheese but my Dutch friend AM is. So I was very happy when she agreed with me that the goat cheese tasted oh so good. My untrained taste palate when it comes to cheese wasn’t just playing tricks on me then. I loved the dressing they used on the salad – light, refreshing with a hint of sweetness in it.

For main course – AM chose to have beef cheek which upon delivery to our table, made me feel so jealous of it. I wanted to order the same but with my lack of better judgment I chose to have a beef burger instead.

The Cellar, Oryx Rotana Doha

That’s AM’s beef cheek, it looks so tender and juicy just by looking at it. The sound that she made after taking her first bite of it made me want to switch plates with her immediately. I’ve never had beef cheeks before in fact, I never even knew that you can actually make a dish out of it. I suddenly had to imagine how a cow looks like, does it have a lot of meat on its cheeks? How come I’ve never had it in the Philippines? We never waste any part of an animal that we’re cooking as far as I know. I’m definitely going to order that next time to find out if maybe I’ve had it before but never really knew what it was (which is what usually happens if you grow up in the Philippines). Hah!

The Cellar, Oryx Rotana Doha

My beef burger isn’t so bad looking either and I’m happy to say that it tastes as good as it looks. It’s a huge portion though that even a glutton like I am couldn’t finish. I had it done as medium rare so I got all the juicy bits of the beef patty itself. It comes with a huge portion of french fries and a side of onion rings. Even in the state of hunger that I was in, it was impossible for me to finish all of it.

The Cellar, Oryx Rotana Doha

I had panna cotta for dessert which was probably the only thing which I couldn’t rave about. With the yogurt-like layer at the bottom (maybe it is actually yogurt), it tasted like breakfast food for me and not dessert. I’m not a dessert-person in general though so don’t listen to me.

The Cellar, Oryx Rotana Doha

I do love restaurants which doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable by trying too hard to be fancy but then surprises you with such delectable dishes. This is the kind of place that I love, with the great prices that they have you’d feel like you’re actually paying for the food that you’re about to devour and not for the view nor for the name of a big shot chef that they carry. It’s a no-fuss restaurant which delivers five star food quality. Compliments to the chef of The Cellar is absolutely necessary.

QR95 1 business lunch
QR45 1 sparkling water
1 Business lunch priced at QR95 is free of charge after using The Entertainer Qatar voucher. Approximate total savings thru The Entertainer App as of date is QAR3567/-.

The Cellar
Oryx Rotana Doha
QR95 per person for business lunch
Tel No. 4402 3333

This is NOT a sponsored post.
Disclaimer: I am NOT a foodie.

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  • Linda Bibb November 18, 2015 at 22:51

    I have used a similar program here in the US and you’re right, it is a good money saver. Your QR95 inexpensive business lunch converts to US$26. We pay that for a full dinner here in Florida. Qatar sounds expensive. Did you have “sticker shock” when you arrived from the Philippines?
    Linda Bibb recently posted…Off To Curacao for Visa Run Fun #TheWeeklyPostcardMy Profile

    • Pinay Flying High November 19, 2015 at 12:51

      Linda, your comment made me laugh out loud literally. HAHAHA.
      Yes, it is really expensive here in the Middle East. When I first arrived, I was of course shocked but then the trick is to stop myself from converting everything into peso otherwise – I won’t be able to eat or do anything. But everytime I travel out of the Middle East, I’m always so surprised as to how cheaper it is outside of ME. Now whenever I visit my Mom in the US, I always go there with 2 empty suitcases and come back with it full because I’m going to shop in the US! Haha.

  • Photo Cache November 18, 2015 at 22:16

    I am missing all the good things that a business lunch offers. How marvelous that you can indulge without too much dent on the pocketbook.

    I have a bad habit when eating out. I love salmon so much that when it’s on the menu I’d get it, therefore I never get to explore the menu at all 🙁
    Photo Cache recently posted…Marseilles: Cathedral de la Major, Photographic NarrativeMy Profile

    • Pinay Flying High November 19, 2015 at 12:57

      Business lunches are awesome!! You get to have 3-course meal for a cheaper price. Love it! :p
      I love eating too much that I tend to be very confused when presented with so many options. Can never decide and I will always be jealous of what others ordered afterwards. Hah!

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