Business Lunch at Elements, Four Seasons Hotel Doha

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Everyone’s been to Elements at the Four Seasons Hotel Doha except for me, I thought. I was at their grand opening but that doesn’t really count as an experience does it? And to be frank, all that grand opening event ever did was to entice me even more with its mouthwatering dishes to try for a full meal so I convinced Rochelle of Quest and Mark to try out their business lunch with me (not that it was hard to do because this woman is always available for a food experience). We tried it out for a Saturday business lunch, quite rare for any restaurants here to offer this great value meals on a weekend.

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Not only is Elements’ business lunch great value, you actually do have a lot of options too depending on how hungry you are. For those who aren’t THAT hungry, you can choose to have their salad and main course option for the price of QR85. If you’re really hungry or would love to have a full three-course meal, a dessert option can be added to your meal for a total price of QR95. If you’re absolutely and super hungry, you can opt for their fabulous buffet lunch for an unlimited access of their mouthwatering dishes for a price of QR175 per person.

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But wait, there’s more! If you couldn’t find anything you fancy for appetizers and desserts on their business lunch a la carte menu (first and second option) they’ll give you the option to access their salad bar and desserts station too. So many options, so little time!

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We chose to have the three-course menu with a trip to their salad bar for our appetizers. The salads they have can already fill you up, I did love their fried egg salad more than anything else. The fried egg had a crispy outer layer and tasted so damn good with a very tasty sauce. “Among all that was served, that’s your favorite? A freaking egg salad?”  you might think but that’s because I’ve never had that before and I love eggs and anything fried! So yes, egg salad for the win!

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From the main course items, we asked our waiter what their catch of the day was and the waiter replied with the name of a fish we both didn’t hear clearly. “What’s that again?” Rochelle asked and the waiter replied with an annoyed tone of voice “It’s a fish!”. I had to control myself from laughing out loud, of course catch of the day is a fish. Is there anything else caught during that day apart from fish? My wild imagination created an image in my head with the chef of Elements running after a chicken or a lamb in the grounds of Four Seasons Doha and declaring “aha! Here’s our catch of the day! Put it in our menu!”

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We weren’t big fans of the catch of the day, I found it too watery while Rochelle’s serving doesn’t seem to be fully cooked. She had to return it to the kitchen and skipped her main course for this meal. I think we ordered the wrong dish because just as we finished our meal – a roasted rosemary chicken was delivered to the table next to ours which looked and smelled glorious. We may have to try a different dish next time.

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I had green tea opera cake which tasted to me like it’s been inside a fridge for too long – very dry and nothing really worth noting about. But then again, I’m not really into sweets so I don’t really know what I’m saying. Probably that’s how it’s supposed to be? If that’s the case, I won’t be ordering it next time.

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I did love their salad selection and as I went through the whole buffet spread, I felt like I would’ve enjoyed our meal more if I tried their buffet instead of their a la carte menu. I can still remember how good their peking duck was from their grand opening and upon seeing it from their buffet spread that day, I had to control myself from stealing one piece of it. Maybe I did? Only their CCTV camera will give you the answer. :p

While the whole restaurant was gorgeous specially the outdoor seating where we sat, unfortunately – our business lunch experience wasn’t as great as I expected for it to be. I will have to go back there to give it another try for business lunch, dinner or maybe their Friday brunch which I heard is fabulous!

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QR190 2 three-course business lunch
QR45 1 Thai Lemon Juice
QR45 1 Elemental Orange Juice
QR40 1 water

Four Seasons Hotel Doha
QR85 per person for a 2-course business lunch menu
QR95 per person for a 3-course business lunch menu
QR175 per person for a buffet lunch
Tel No 44948888
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Disclaimer: I didn’t steal a piece of the peking duck and this is NOT a sponsored post. 🙂
All information above (timings, prices, contact details) are correct at the time of this review.


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